Enjoy stunning home entertainment with our range at Currys.

You can find the ideal television for your home with a wide range of screen sizes available. Smart TVs let you explore catch-up TV and streaming services, as well as featuring apps and games to keep the family entertained. 4K Ultra HD TVs deliver incredible picture quality, bringing your home entertainment to life with immersive visuals. OLED screens offer improved colour and contrast, while Samsung QLED TVs include state of the art Quantum dot technology to create true-to-life images.

Smart TV boxes and sticks provide you with access to RTE Player & Virgin Media Player for subscription free entertainment, including digital channels and radio stations.

For a proper cinematic-sounding experience, don't forget to add a soundbar or home cinema system to your TV. And for those nights when you don't want to rely on Netflix, a Blu Ray player gives you pristine HD viewing for your favourite movies and box sets.