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Discover our range of Philips tvs

From top of the range models equipped with the latest OLED technology to compact and affordable LCD sets, our collection of Philips TVs showcases the full breadth of the current television market. Whatever your budget or televisual needs, there’s a very good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for in our extensive Philips TV range.

Long-established as one of the world’s leading television manufacturers, Philips has maintained its place at the forefront of the industry by keeping up with the latest innovations. Right now, the Philips TV range covers all the most in-demand technologies, including bright and vibrant OLED displays, stunningly detailed 4K resolution and its own unique Amblight technology, which projects colour onto the wall behind the screen, creating a truly striking effect and a remarkably immersive viewing experience.

Alongside an array of spectacular large screen models, you’ll find more modestly proportioned sets to suit smaller spaces, including 32 inch TVs. Philips smart TVs feature throughout the range, offering connectivity with other smart devices and access to a wealth of streaming content.

For a stunning home cinema experience we have a choice of Philips home entertainment systems that bundle a top of the range Philips TV together with a suitably high performance soundbar – giving you an extraordinary audio-visual feast, straight out of the box. If you’ve ever fantasised about transforming your living room into a cinematic haven to rival the local multiplex, look no further.

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Philips has long been synonymous with cutting edge television technology and, as its current TV collection proves, this highly regarded Dutch brand remains something of a pioneer. Our Philips TV collection showcases an exciting array of innovative image enhancing features, including stunningly detailed 4K resolution, colour boosting HDR and OLED, as well as its own Philips Ambilight technology, which projects colours from whatever you’re watching into your room, creating a truly immersive effect.

Collectively, this unique tech combination delivers a wonderfully immersive viewing experience, whether you’re watching a movie or playing a next-gen video game. Ambilight - a feature that’s unique to Philips – activates the entire room by projecting hues drawn from whatever you’re watching via an array of LED lights. You’ll be amazed how atmospheric the effect can be – by flooding your room with onscreen colours, Philips Ambilight TVs really do bring you closer to the action.

Philips OLED technology offers even more immersion. If you’re unfamiliar with OLED, we’ll spare you too much detail, suffice to say that it stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and refers to a type of advanced TV panel technology that offers significantly enhanced image quality and reduced power consumption. The result? Super vibrant colours, deeper blacks and superior contrast. In short, OLED produces richer visuals that really pop off the screen.

The Philips P5 picture processor is another unique technology that has attracted considerable praise. Working alongside Philips OLED and HDR, this cutting-edge processor offers improved noise reduction, sharpness and contrast, resulting in award-winning performance.

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