Speakers & HiFi systems

While most of us listen to music through headphones (or sometimes just our phone), there’s nothing like the room-filling set up that you get from speakers. Whether you want to chill out in the garden with something portable, or hook up your home with the latest smart multi-room speakers, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a muso must!

Choosing a speaker set-up

Speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Bluetooth speakers let you ditch the wires and stream your fave playlists from your phone or laptop. Lots of models let you connect more than one device, so you can take it in turns to DJ. Bluetooth and wireless speakers can either be large enough to act as your main TV speaker or be small and tough. Portable speakers are tough enough to take with you anyway.

You’ll find that most Bluetooth speakers come with a virtual assistant, so if you want to find that track and/or movie, you can just ask. You can even connect them up to your smart home and do things like control your smart thermostat. And if you want sound right around the house, you can hook up several multi-room speakers – perfect for parties!

Hi-Fis and Megasound party systems

Don’t let your old CDs gather dust. Listen to your fave albums just how the artist intended with our range of Hi-Fi systems. You’ll get high-quality sound every single time. Hosting a party? Make it one to remember with a Megasound party speaker. These powerful music players really pack and punch, and are sure to get everyone in the dancing mood. Not sure how to get music in your house sounding great? Start your research by checking our info-packed Audio Buying Guide.