Digital & Smart TV

If you want to want to watch what you want when you want, it pays to box clever! With a smart TV box or streaming stick, you can choose from a huge range of services and watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

What’s the difference between streaming and regular TV?

Regular TV such as Ireland's Saorview digital TV service usually requires an aerial plugged into the back of your TV. Though it's digital technology, it's still broadcast in the traditional way from transmitters dotted around the country. Depending on your location, you might not have a very strong Saorview signal, though most of the country has good coverage.

Streaming services use your broadband connection to provide film, TV shows and more. Usually once you have speeds of around 15Mb on your broadband connection, you'll be able to watch HD content without any issues, though if you have several people in your house who might be watching different streams at once, higher speeds might be needed.

How can I watch more streaming services?

If your TV doesn’t include the streaming service you want to watch, or if you have a non-smart TV (one that doesn’t automatically connect to the internet), you might want to go for a smart TV box or streaming stick. Simply plug it into your TV, connect with your home Wi-Fi, and you’ve got loads more viewing options!

Some of the most popular streaming sticks are the Amazon Firestick range. These are neat and powerful devices. Apple TV is also a great choice if you have other Apple products as you can easily share content between them. Or the Google Chromecast range.

Which Smart TV should I buy?

Need any more help? We’re experts on televisions and all things tech. So if you need advice before you buy, check out our TV buying guide.