All About Gaming

Calling all Xbox fanatics, PS3 gamers, Nintendo Wii lovers, PC gaming enthusiasts or fans of portable gaming such as the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, we have just what you are looking for.

For Xbox fans, the Currys PC World range includes the Xbox 360 4GB and 250GB consoles, plus the latest Xbox games and accessories, with a number of bundles for added value.

Prefer the Playstation 3? You can get a 160GB PS3 or even a massive 320GB Playstation 3 plus all your Playstation 3 accessories and games here.

You’ll also find the fun-filled Wii console in all types of bundles in our range. Of course you can buy all your Wii games and Wii accessories separately too, including the novelty controls that make this gaming option so unique.

For the gamer on the move, you can also find consoles, games and accessories for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS in our range.

Eagerly anticipating the next big game? Browse the latest games online at Currys PC World and get your hands on that must-have game as soon as it is released!