A proper PC gaming setup is more than a match for the latest next-gen consoles. With a dedicated gaming PC and the right gear, you can enjoy the latest games exactly as they were designed to be played.

Which type of gaming PC is best?

The first choice you need to make is whether to go for a gaming desktop PC or a gaming laptop. Each comes with its own set of strengths and benefits.
Because gaming desktops PCs are a lot bigger than gaming laptops, they can run larger and more powerful components. It's also easy to upgrade them. For example, if you want to swap out your gaming PC graphics card to keep up with the latest games, it’s a pretty straightforward task.

Gaming laptops are becoming more and more powerful though, and unlike desktop PCs, they're portable. So you can keep on gaming when you're out and about.

Should I choose a pre-built gaming PC?

A pre-built desktop gaming PC is easy to get up and running. In fact, they're pretty much ready to play straight out the box. On the other hand, if you're confident in building a PC from scratch, you've got the advantage of being able to choose all the individual components – from the CPU to the cooling system – and creating a PC perfectly tailored for the games you play, and the way you play them.

What are the best PC gaming accessories?

If you're serious about gaming, it's definitely worth thinking about investing in a good gaming PC monitor. The latest models come with lightning-fast refresh rates and pin-sharp 4K resolution, helping you to experiencing games exactly as the makers intended. For extra-immersive gaming, curved gaming monitors fill your peripheral vision and ensuring you stay alert to every inch of the gaming action.

We've also got a range of components & upgrades that can take your existing set up to the next level, from powerful processors to extra memory.