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Which gaming console should I buy?

There's not much to choose between a PlayStation console and Xbox console in terms of quality. Both machines use the most advance gaming technology around to give you an incredibly immersive entertainment experience. Unless you’re a dedicated fan of one or the other, your choice could simply come down to the games available on each one.

Nintendo Switch is a unique gaming console, because it's the only one you can take on your travels. Thanks to its clever design, it doubles up as a home gaming console and a handheld gaming machine. If you're not too fussed about a home gaming console, the Nintendo Switch Lite is purely handheld. And because they’re Nintendo consoles, you can play exclusive games featuring legendary characters like Mario and Zelda.

What are the best console gaming accessories?

Do you really want to beat the competition and get the better of your buddies? Then check out our range of gaming console accessories that can really give you the edge. We've got everything from gaming controllers to gaming chairs and headsets. Why don’t you check our gaming accessories buying guide to find the right for you?

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