Virtual reality

Discover the immersive world of VR (virtual reality)

Virtual reality headsets for the ultimate immersive experience

To get started with virtual reality gaming, you’ll need a VR headset. Built into the headset are screens that let you see the game as if you were a character, and all you have to do is hook it up to your gaming PC. Some gaming VR headsets are standalone and don’t need anything else – it’s all built-in, but if you do need a PC – make sure it’s up to the minimum requirements for VR.

The Meta (previously Oculus) VR headset is ready to play immediately – no computer or console needed. Games for the Quest 2 are available through the headset, or on the Meta store.

Enhance your VR experience with these virtual reality accessories

Once you’ve got your headset sorted, you’ll want to think about virtual reality gaming accessories. You’ll get VR controls with your headset – small handheld controllers that let you use weapons in-game, pick up objects and interact with things. Some VR sets also have headphones, but if not, picking up a gaming headset or VR headphones is a great way to boost the immersion. You’ll hear where things are coming from and be able to completely lose yourself in your game.

If you’re connecting to your gaming PC, you might need a USB cable to connect everything. USB Type-C cables are also handy for charging up your VR controller.