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Washing machines


Cool wash performance with ecobubble™ technology.

Tumble Dryers


With heat pump and anti crease technologies.

Washer Dryers


As well as drying your clothes gently, they're gentle on the environment and your wallet too.

Why Samsung?

5 Year Warranty

A lot can happen in 5 years. Your Samsung Home Appliance will be with you for the journey. Get 5 years parts and labour warranty on eligible Samsung Laundry Appliances* . It’s another great reason to choose Samsung.

* On selected products, available by redemption within 90 days of purchase, T&Cs apply.


Wash cool. Save energy

ecobubble™ mixes air, water, and detergent to create bubbles that work hard to clean your clothes.


Half the wash time.
Get on with your day.

Putting your machine on eco mode doesn’t always mean long wait times. Samsung’s QuickDrive™ Drum reduces the wash time by up to 50%* , while still delivering brilliant cleaning. So clothes are out the machine and onto the line quicker, and you can get on with your day.

* Samsung QuickDrive™ WW8800M vs Samsung WW8500K (5 kg 40°C cotton wash).


Open the innovative AddWash™ door to quickly drop in anything extra during the wash* – whether that’s a stray sock you missed, extra softener, or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing.

* AddWash™ door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50°C.

Smart Laundry

Optimal cleaning with minimal effort

The Auto Optimal Wash feature uses 4 sensors to optimise washing results without any extra effort. It senses the weight of the wash load and adjusts the optimal time and water usage for the best possible wash.

Heat Pump Technology

Energy efficiency meets performance

Heat pump technology offers a cost-effective and gentle way of drying clothes so you spend less money on your energy bill and protect your clothes whilst in the drum.

Washing just got smarter with Smart Control +

With an easy to use control panel, Samsung smart machines remember your family’s laundry habits and suggest your favourite cycles first. From whites to bed change days, track every cycle’s progress on the simply designed display. Then when the washing’s done, you’ll get a notification on your phone with the SmartThings app* . Want to make things even simpler? Use the app* to schedule your washes and get guides to find the perfect setting.

* Available on Android and iOS. An internet connection is required.

Energy ratings, explained

Energy labels are getting revamped in 2021, in line with new regulations. Exit the A+++ ratings, welcome back the original A-G scale to help navigate easily. For the first time, these new energy labels will display not only energy efficiency consumption, but also include other elements in line with improving overall sustainability, as shown in our guide below.

Washing machines