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Proud winners of the 2022 Which? Large Kitchen Appliance Brand of the Year Award.

Samsung appliances make cooking both very easy and very satisfying. Whether you’re warming up leftovers, rustling up a ratatouille or having guests over for dinner, our thoughtful innovations and stylish design make cooking a pleasure.

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Which award for Large Kitchen brand of the year 2022
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Discover How Samsung Kitchen Appliances Are Challenging the Status Quo in the Heart of Your Home

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Compact Ovens/Microwaves
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Warming Drawers
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Integrated Fridge Freezers
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Built to Last With Our Samsung Warranty
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5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on selected cooking & refrigeration models*.
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3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on selected microwave models**.

*Requires registration from within 90 days of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

**Requires registration from within 90 days of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

Save Your Energy - Dual Cook with Flexible Door

Why waste energy heating the full oven, if you’re only cooking something light in the top half? Dual Cook Flex™ is a more energy efficient way of cooking, saving you 20% on energy* when only using the top half.

*Upper vs. whole compartment on small cake setting at convection 155°c (IEC-60350).

Built-in oven model NV75T8579RK endorsed as a Which? Eco Buy.

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Transform the Way You Cook for Good

With our Dual Cook Flex™ ovens, not only can you master all manner of meals by cooking at two temperatures and settings at once, but the hinged door means you can access the full oven or just the top half. Plus, with variety of modern colours available*, you can now give your kitchen a stylish and unique look that reflects your personal taste and interior design.

*The available colours and finishes will differ by model.

Built-in oven model NV75T8579RK endorsed as a Which? Best Buy.

Our Favourite Oven Feature

Dual Cook Steam™

Roast, bake or steam to perfection. Dual Cook Steam™ lets you cook in two completely different styles in two different temperatures at once.

a samsung hobs cooker in the kitchen
Samsung Hobs.
Putting Flexibility on the Menu

There's so much more to Samsung hobs. Our range has something to suit every style of cook – whether you like to rustle-up and go, or take it slow and steady. Gas, electric or induction – you'll have the ultimate flexibility. Add to this next generation features that bring you supercharged heat, extra control and safety and you'll feel like you’re cooking on gas – even when you're really not.

pots cooking on a hobs cooker

Our Favourite Hob Feature

Extended Flex Zone Plus

With the extended Flex Zone Plus, you get more space to fit your pots and pans*, no matter the size. With its denser heating system that spreads heat more evenly, you’ll be able to use longer and larger cookware and still cook your dishes evenly, while also maximising efficiency and energy savings.

*Based on the 60cm models. Each extended Flex Zone plus area can accommodate cookware up to 36cmx26cm.

a microwave in the corner
Microwave Food Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Our freestanding and integrated microwaves are super handy to have in the kitchen. You can use the pre-programmed and steam cooking options to heat up meals in a flash. But microwaves aren't just about heating up leftovers and defrosting meat. Many in our range can bake, fry and grill too, turning the humble microwave into the home cook’s best friend.

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Our Favourite Hob Feature

A. Microwave
B. Grill
C. Both

One minute you’re defrosting a moussaka. The next you’re grilling the ultimate weekend breakfast for your tribe.

a samsung integrated hood
Samsung Hoods.
Freshness Is Served

Our stylish wall mounted hoods are designed to work in any kitchen. Powerful yet quiet extraction banishes smoke, steam and odours while you're cooking – and long afterwards.

pots cooking on a hobs cooker

Our Favourite Hood Feature

Auto Connectivity With Hob*

Now you don’t have to remember to switch your hood on. Thanks to auto connectivity on your hob, the hood turns on as soon as you start cooking.

*Available on selected models and when paired with selected Samsung hobs.

food in a samsung warming drawer
Samsung Warming Drawers

Keep dishes at the perfect temperature in the Warming Drawer. Everything you cook stays just like newly-cooked food until you're ready to serve. It can even be used for warming plates or defrosting ingredients. So it helps you prepare multiple dishes, without worrying about food spoiling.

a settings panel of a samsung food warming drawer

Our Favourite Warming Drawer Feature

Defrost Faster and Safer

The defrost function gives you a smart alternative to using a microwave. When this mode is selected, it sets the temperature to a steady 30°C - the perfect conditions for thawing your food quickly and conveniently. Not only is this much more hygenic, but it also preserves the taste and texture of your ingredients, so they’ll be as delicious as the day you bought them.

Interested in Built-In Refrigerators?

When your kitchen’s the heart of the home, life revolves around the fridge. So why not get a centrepiece that combines super-cool tech with stylish good looks?

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How to Measure Your Built-In Appliance

Before purchasing a new appliance, you’ll need to measure the width, depth and height of the available space, and compare this to your chosen model.

Series 6 Dual Cook Flex™
design measurements of a cooker
Series 6 Microwave Oven Combi
design measurements of a microwave oven
Series 6 Hob
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