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A great meal is all about the ingredients. And it's the same when it comes to cooking and choosing the right hob. If you want flexibilty, an electric hob might be what you're after. Or pick one of our innovative gas or fast induction hobs.

induction hobs
Induction Hobs are one of the most efficient methods of cooking.
Providing a fast solution to demanding cooking requirements
Gas hobs
Cooking with Gas is reliable and has earned the loyalty of amateur and professional cooks.
Flame Select
With the Flame Select Hobs you have the ability to control your cooking, with the numbered power settings, you can decide how rare you want your steak instead of the hob deciding for you. With the 9 power levels from low to high you can choose how big the flame is.
flame select icon
twist pad
Twist Pad
NEFF FlexInduction Hobs come with a Twist Pad, combining intuitive cooking and stylish design. All you need to do is point the TwistPad to the area you want to use and select your power level to start the cooking zone.
NEFF Power move hobs
Divided into 3 heat zones, you can easily move you pans around between an intense heat at the front descending to a low ‘keep warm’ heat at the back.
NEFF Flex Induction
Entire zones of the Hobs can be activated with Flex Induction by using a different arrangement of induction coils. Pans can be placed anywhere within the chosen zone.
NEFF Control panel
You no longer have to worry about your children burning themselves on your hob. With the safety feature, just switch on the Control panel lock and the control can no longer be played with.