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Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a staple in any NEFF kitchen. That's why the right food storage is so important: all our models - whether it's a large American-style fridge freezer that can cope with the demands of a hungry family, or a fridge freezer that integrates seamlessly into the kitchen furniture - give you the flexibility to keep your fruit, vegetables and herbs crisp and vibrant for longer.

NEFF Fridge freezers
NEFF Fridge Freezers contain innovative technology to keep your food fresh, the NEFF Built in range is perfect for passionate cooks.
NEFF Fridges
Designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, Built in Fridges can create a sleek effect without compromising refrigeration space.
NEFF Freezers
Featuring advanced technology, NEFF Built in Freezers are designed to provide the perfect environment to store your food.
Soft Close
Soft Close allows the door to close on its own when it's at an angle of 20 of less. It's a great addition to kitchens with Soft Close Cabinets.
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Multi air flow
Multi Air Flow
Multi Air Flow improves the air circulation around the fridge. By making sure the temperature and humidity levels stay the same, the fridge is able to keep the amount of condensation building up at a low level, meaning your food stays fresher for longer.
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Hinges to suit all kitchen designs

The benefit of this type of hinge is that it carries more weight – ideal for kitchen cabinetry made from heavier hard wood. This hinge also allows the door to open at a wider angle, making the fridge cavity easily accessible. All NEFF doors close automatically when at an angle of approximately 15-20° and selected models have the benefit of Soft Close.


Our sliding hinge feature sits between the appliance and the furniture door and is secured by a series of brackets. As you open the furniture door, the appliance door is also opened via the sliding bracket design.