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Recycle your old tech with Currys’ Take Back Scheme

Do you have old or unwanted small electrical devices in your home? Find out how Currys will help you recycle unwanted electricals.



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Do you have lots of little electrical devices lying around your home that you keep meaning to bring to the recycling center? You’re not alone – 71% of people have 3 or more old, unused electrical devices in their home.

The inconvenience of having to physically bring old electrical items to be recycled, especially when they’re small, makes it easier for us to let them build up in our homes.

Recycling electricals with Currys

When you order a new large appliance, like a fridge or washing machine, with Currys, we’ve always collected your old appliance for recycling upon delivery of your new one. Now we’re extending our service to include small electrical items.

Have an old shaver lying about? Maybe a busted CD player? Or a toaster that just doesn’t toast the same anymore? No problem. When you get a large appliance delivered, we’re happy to take any small electrical item you have lying around and recycle them for you. This service is completely free, just have your electrical items ready for our colleagues to take away.

You can learn more about our recycling services here.

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