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Going abroad? Get your tech packed.


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Staying at home or venturing abroad, a break from the day-to-day is an essential during the summer. While it’s easy to bring the kitchen sink when you’re staycationing, it’s important to have all the essential holiday tech organised ahead of time if you’re going abroad. We have all the tech you need this summer from keeping devices charged to keeping kids entertained. Keep reading for some of our top picks…

Power for your tech

Unless you’re going to the UK, a travel adapter is a must-have. No matter how often we go abroad they manage to go missing in our homes. Currys have UK to EU adapters, UK to US adapters or the VELD USB Charger that covers most countries in one plug. To get the most out of your adapter, pop an extension lead in your suitcase so you and everyone you’re on holidays with can get charged up in the one go. This Logik Extension Lead even has four USB ports in addition to its six sockets for maximum charging and it’s surge protected with individual switches for each socket.

Essential Entertainment

Waiting around is a given on any holiday, whether it’s waiting for your flight, being on your flight or waiting for people to get ready, you’re going to be sitting around so some entertainment is essential. For the gamers, a hybrid console like the Nintendo Switch OLED or a handheld gaming device like the Asus ROG Ally are compact enough to go in your backpack and have up to 8 and 9 hours battery like, respectively. The Asus ROG Ally comes with 3 months of Xbox Game Pass so you’ll have over 400 games to choose from. From cosy games to RPGs, there is a huge selection of Nintendo games for your Switch, just pop your chosen game card into your device and you’re good to go.

If gaming isn’t your thing, you can pick up an eReader instead and get stuck into a good book. eReaders are great because they’re just one lightweight item, you can store thousands of books and the battery lasts for weeks so your suitcase is lighter and you have so much choice if you’re not feeling what you’re reading. The Kindle Paperwhite has a lovely 6.8” screen, which mimics paper so your eyes don’t strain, it’s waterproof and it has 16 GB of storage so you’ll have more books than you’ll ever be able to read.

Capture the moment

Our holiday photos tend to just live on our social media, our phone galleries and our group chats. Change that this summer and get a instant camera so you can capture special moments and spectacular sights and print them out as you take them. The Instax mini 12 Instant Camera is perfect for this as it’s compact, has simple ‘Twist’ controls and you get approx. 100 shots before you need to replace the batteries and the photos print out in just 5 seconds.

Protect your home

While you’re busy relaxing poolside, keep your mind at ease and protect your home with some smart security. Given the time of year when every one is away , it’s nice to be able to check in on your house and see who’s appearing at your front door. Keep an eye on your valuables with the Ring Indoor Camera. It plugs into a standard socket and gives you a 1080p view of the room and even has colour night vision so you can keep an eye on your new TV from afar or make sure your backdoor stays locked and secure. To keep an eye on the front of your house, the Ring Video Doorbell Plus is the job. It has 1536p HD video and you can see the person at your door from head-to-toe, ideal for when you’re awaiting a parcel. You can also use 2-way talk to chat with your postman or callers. Both devices can be checked from the Ring app and with a Ring subscription you can get real-time alerts and cloud-backup of the footage.

Get your holiday tech ready for a summer of adventures here.

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