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SAMSUNG Ultrawide monitors - Cheap SAMSUNG Ultrawide monitor Deals | Currys Experience immersive gaming with a Samsung Ultrawide monitor. Our collection features the latest monitors from Samsung at unbeatable prices.
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Gamers: we know. You, like us, are pretty obsessed with your favourite pastime. That's why you'll want to make sure you have the best possible gaming equipment at your disposal. And why not go all out and equip yourself with the very best, like a Samsung UltraWide monitor?

These aren't just your standard widescreens; they're crafted to redefine how you engage with your digital content. From impeccable colour accuracy to immersive curves, Samsung Ultrawide monitors are packed with features designed to captivate. Picture those breathtaking panoramic views in gaming or having multiple windows open for productivity without feeling cramped.

For game-changing game-play, meet the Odyssey G9 LC49G95TSSPXXU Quad HD 49" Curved QLED Gaming Monitor. With QLED technology, every shade and hue pops vibrantly, ensuring you witness every detail, even in the most shadowy scenes. Its expansive 49" screen, with its unique 1000R curve, is designed to mirror the human eye's contours, offering immersion like never before. But it's not just about the widescreen views. Gamers, rejoice at the 240 Hz RapidCurve display, ensuring zero lag and blur-free scenes, complemented by a lightning-fast 1 ms response time.

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