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Wrist rests - Cheap Wrist rest Deals | Currys Keep your wrists in tip top condition with a keyboard wrist rest or mouse wrist support from Currys. Our extensive collection features the latest designs from leading brands.
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If you spend a lot of time working on your computer, or if you just like the idea of ergonomic computing, it's worth considering a keyboard wrist rest. These simple but effective accessories can make a significant difference to your comfort and efficiency when typing.

The best keyboards offer support for both wrists because it helps to evenly distribute the weight across both arms. This makes them more comfortable to use and reduces any potential strain on either wrist. A keyboard wrist rest can further reduce this strain by keeping your wrists in a neutral position and supporting your forearms. For anyone who works at a computer all day, this can be a game changer.

Despite being such simple products, there's a surprising amount of variety. Choose from firm memory foam or soft gel, a higher cushioned profile or low and compact. And look out for features such as non-slip bases and built-in ventilation.

If you're into PC gaming you may also spend prolonged periods of time at your keyboard. We offer a huge range of keyboards and accessories specifically designed with gamers in mind. Check out the latest deals from leading brands like Razer, Corsair and Alienware.