Computer Accessories

Upgrade your computer with the latest keyboards and mice

Get the most out of your laptop or desktop PC with an upgraded keyboard or mouse. The right keyboard for work can really make a difference for your typing, helping speed up everyday tasks. Jump straight to your most used programs and control your music or playlists with programmable media keys. If you don’t want to be tied to one spot, or you want to pack your keyboard with you, choose a wireless keyboard. And if you type loads, mechanical keyboards are really responsive.

Using the right mouse for your laptop or desktop is important for comfort and how productive you are. So, think about how you work - a wireless mouse is perfect for taking your laptop to the office without a tangle of wires. And when it comes to those big presentations, a presentation clicker is all you need.

Get connected with webcams and PC speakers for Zoom and Teams

If you’re working from home, it’s important that you have the perfect setup for your meetings. The webcam built into your laptop might not be the best resolution for important presentations or calls with clients where you need to be seen and heard. Pick a webcam that’s Full HD or better – you’ll appear in great quality no matter the occasion.

And when it comes to sound, don’t get stuck asking people to repeat things. Pick up a pair of PC speakers and boost the audio of every Zoom or Teams call. They connect to your laptop using a single USB cable, so it’s easy to get set up.

Boost your calls with the latest headsets and microphones

When you’re picking a new headset or microphone, it’s important to know what you want. If you tend to stay at your desk, or sit on calls for long hours, you’ll want to prioritise comfort and look for over the ear headphones with memory foam earcups. But if you tend to move around while you talk or think, a wireless headset is for you. Connect to your laptop or PC and you’re ready to continue your calls wherever you go. Wireless bluetooth headsets are also great for pairing with your phone or tablet and staying connected or listening to music.

Getting a good quality microphone is a key part of many PC setups – perfect for streaming online, recording a podcast or filming a video with professional sound.

Tablet accessories for on the go

We stock plenty of tablet accessories to make life easier when you’re on the move. If you are carrying your tablet in and out of meetings and then back home, you’ll likely want to protect it with a tablet case and a screen protector. In addition, a lightweight tablet keyboard will allow you to convert your tablet into a mini laptop whenever you need to type. We also have special iPad keyboards, if you’re an iPad user.