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Discover the Hisense range

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Hisense have been providing the market with innovation in technology for over 50 years.
Hisense's vision is to bring technology to everyone, through feature rich products at accessible prices.
With a commitment to the highest quality, Hisense offers a full 2 year guarantee across our Laundry products. Learn more about how our technology will give you complete peace of mind and take the hassle out of doing the laundry.

Hisense Pure Steam Technology

Pure Steam Technology

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and allergens.

Hisense PureJet System

PureJet System

Produces powerful water flows that dissolve laundry detergent quickly and remove dirt thoroughly.

Hisense Auto Dosing

Auto Dosing

Automatically dispenses the right amount of liquid detergent for your washing load.

Hisense Pause and Add feafure

Pause & Add

Any missing items can be added in the first 10 minutes of the cycle.

Hisense Inverter technology

Inverter Technology

For a quieter, longer lasting and more reliable washing machine.

Hisense quick wash

Quick Wash

Clean in 15 minutes!

Hisense heat pump technology
Heat Pump Technology

Constantly recycles hot air saving both energy and money.

Hisense Twin Flow
Twin Flow

Air for fewer creases.

Hisense air refresh
Air Refresh

Freshen up your clothes in just 30 minutes.

Hisense easy loading door
Easy loading door

Boasting one of the largest porthole doors on the market.

Hisense Start Delay
Start Delay

To dry when you want to.

Hisense washing and drying
Washing and Drying

Removes more water to minimise drying time.