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Discover the Hisense range

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Hisense Cooking

Hisense have been providing the market with innovation in technology for over 50 years.
Hisense's vision is to bring technology to everyone, through feature rich products at accessible prices.
With a commitment to the highest quality, Hisense offers a full 2 year guarantee across our Cooking products, Learn more about how our technology puts the fun into meal times, enabling you to cook for all your family and friends with ease.

Hisense 77l xl capacity ovens

77L XL Capacity

Gives you plenty of room to cook for the whole family.

Hisense ChefPro Ovens


With ChefPro's Auto Mode, the intelligent cooking assistant automatically calculates cooking time and recommends the function to use for the best results.

Hisense Pyrolytic Self-Clean

Pyrolytic Self-Clean

Uses 500°C heat to remove stubborn oven grease, once complete simply wipe any debris away.

Hisense Air Frying

Air Frying

Gives the food a crispy crust without the added fat.

Hisense Even Bake oven

Even Bake

Enables hot air to move around the oven freely and evenly, as food is heated evenly it's always perfectly done.

Hisense fast preheat

Fast Preheat

Enables the oven to reach 200°C in less than 5 minutes.

Hisense steam add function
Steam Add Function

Creates a moist environment as opposed to just hot air, allowing for the ideal environment for baking.

Hisense Frozen Bake Mode
Frozen Bake Mode

Perfect for cooking your store-bought frozen foods and other pre-prepared meals.

Telescopic guides
Telescopic guides

Make getting things out of the oven easier, ensuring shelves slide out with minimal effort and firmly support the weight of dishes when fully extended.

Hisense Pizza Mode
Pizza Mode

No need for a takeaway. Crisp up your pizza dough in little to no time.

Hisense Soft Close
Soft Close

Soft Close the oven door with almost no effort or sound.

Touch LED
Touch LED

Select the perfect programme, set timers and enable child lock for seamless meal prep.