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Trousers presses and clothes presses are a great way to cut down on time and effort spent ironing. With larger surface areas, they can hand larger garments and bulkier fabrics with ease, and clothes are pressed and wrinkle-free in one easy step.

Trouser presses are specially designed to remove creases without damaging the fabric and without the need for ironing. Often found in hotel rooms, they’re also available for the home, alongside a range of clothes presses and steamers that are ideal for all types of clothes and fabrics, from denim to your curtains.

On a trouser press, the side levers are raised and the trousers placed between a pressing plate and cushioned heating pad. The press is slowly closed and the trousers gently pulled so that they align properly. The thermostatically-controlled heating pad will warm up and gently press out wrinkles, easing trousers back into shape before pressing a sharp crease. The result is perfect, wrinkle-free trousers without any risk of damaging or scorching the trouser fabric.

A clothes press or trouser press uses high pressure to reduce wrinkles in one easy step, so you cut down on ironing time and effort. The press does the hard work for you. With a wide opening, they’re ideal for bulky items and multiple garments, so you can get your ironing done more quickly. With clothes presses like the Singer ESP-2 Steam Press, extra bursts of steam can be released at the touch of a button, or you can cut out the steam and use it as a dry iron instead.

You can control the temperature to suit all materials and garment types, and a temperature-ready indicator lets you know as soon as it’s ready. And you don’t have to worry about leaving the press on as it has an automatic safety shut-off feature that operates whether the steam press is open or closed. It can be locked closed for storage, and some trouser presses and clothes presses can also be wall mounted to save on space.

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