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Introducing Microsoft’s Copilot + PC

Experience the next generation of laptops with Copilot + PC


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AI once felt like a futuristic concept, but now it’s becoming more and more integrated in our lives. While Microsoft Edge has a Copilot assistant in search, their new range of Copilot + PC laptops take AI to the next level.

What is Copilot + PC?

Copilot+ is a collection of next-gen AI features available exclusively on Copilot + PCs, these laptops are specifically designed for AI.

How is a Copilot+ PC different?

This range of Copilot+ laptops are the fastest and the smartest Windows laptops yet. They are powered by the Snapdragon X Elite processor. It can perform 40 trillion operations per second and has an impressive battery life of up to 22 hours so you can work, play, stream and create from dawn ‘til dusk, and then some!

What are the next-gen AI features on Copilot + PC laptops?

  • Copilot will give you answers, solutions to problem and become your chief assistant in computing. On CoPilot + PC laptops, it’s now faster than ever.

  • Search just got better with smart recommendations in your Start menu so you can find the file you need without breaking into a panic,

  • Automate video editing in Clipchamp by providing a few prompts and let AI do the rest.

  • Release your creativity with Paint Co-Creator by providing text and drawing prompts to get AI to bring your vision to life.

  • Enhance your video calls with Windows Studio Effects, a feature that perfectly blurs distractions and optimises your lighting so you can make the best impression possible.

  • Watching a video in a different language? Or streaming a foreign sport? No longer do you need to wonder what they’re saying as Live Captions will give you real-time, live translated-to-English captions from over 40 languages.

  • Additional AI experiences in leading creative apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, CapCut, DaVinci Resolve Studio, djay Pro and more.

Copilot + PC laptops

So now that you’ve got a sense of the amazing features available on a Copilot + PC device, what are the devices themselves like?

Microsoft 13" Surface Pro OLED, Copilot+ PC

The Microsoft 13” Surface Pro is slick. It has a spectacular 3K OLED touchscreen, giving all the power of a laptop in a slim, vibrant tablet. It boasts all the AI features outlined above so you can work smarter instead of harder. For video calls, it has a 10MP camera on the back and an impressive 12MP camera on the front, so you’ll look great in any setting. It has 16GB of RAM, which combined with the processing power of the Snapdragon X Elite chip, will give you a smooth experience as you multitask or put the AI features to the test. With up to 14 hours of battery life and a weight of only 0.9kg, this is ideal for working on the go.

Microsoft 13.8" Surface Laptop, Copilot+ PC

The Microsoft 13.8” Surface Laptop, while a traditional laptop, has a Quad HD+ touchscreen so whether you’re reading a document or adding your own flair to an AI generated image, you have flexibility in how you use the device. It has a slightly longer battery life of up to 20 hours, so you rarely have to reach for your charger during the week. The body of the laptop is aluminium, making it durable and lightweight at just 1.22kg. With the processing power of Snapdragon X Elite, the Adreno integrated graphics and 16GB of RAM, the possibilities are endless with this laptop. It even has a dedicated Copilot key so you can quickly access all the amazing AI features that CoPilot + PC has to offer.

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