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How to do hashtags on a MacBook

How to do hashtags on a MacBook


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If you’ve used any kind of social media ever, you’ll obviously have come across the humble hashtag. These little symbols are super useful when it comes to tagging your own snaps and posts and finding the content you’re interested in online. Whether you’re scrolling Twitter or sharing your holiday pics on Insta.

Unlike most Windows laptops though (which have a dedicated hashtag key), it’s not always that clear how to use a hashtag on Mac. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. With our handy mini guide, we’ll show you how to hashtag to your hearts content - whether you’ve got a UK or US keyboard on your Apple laptop.

Where is the hashtag on Mac?

Typing out the hash key on a Mac will be slightly different depending on the kind of MacBook you’ve got.

On older Apple keyboards with a UK layout, the hash sign isn’t even visible when you look at the keys. Whereas on the newer models, it usually is. To use the # on your UK keyboard, you’ll still have to use the option key – which might be labelled as ‘Alt’ if your Mac is one of the older ones. So, in this case, you’d press ‘Alt’ + ‘3’. Easy.

Or, if you’ve got a US Mac keyboard instead, you’ll need to trigger the secondary option for the 3 key (there’ll be a # symbol above the number). And that just means that hitting ‘Shift’ + ‘3’ will enter a hashtag for you. Pretty simple stuff.

How to use the hashtag on MacBook Air

Using the hashtag on your MacBook Air is really easy:

  1. Boot up your go-to social media app.

  2. Put together your influencer worthy tweet or post.

  3. When you want to add the hashtag, use the ‘Alt’ + ‘3’ keys.

  4. After the # symbol, type in your phrase or keyword without spaces e.g. #currysismyfave

  5. And now you’re done!

How to use the hashtag on MacBook Pro

Here’s how to find and use the hashtag on your MacBook Pro. It’s basically identical to how you do it on the Air:

  1. Fire up your favourite social media app.

  2. Type out your brilliant message or post.

  3. Add some hashtags by pressing ‘Alt’ + ‘3’.

  4. Enter your phrase or keyword without any spaces, for example #currysisthebest

  5. And that’s it – it’s as easy as that!

So, now you know everything there is to know about Apple laptop hashtags. You’re ready to join those trending conversations and get your posts noticed by your mates and family. But why should you pick a Mac over other types of laptops? Get the full lowdown right here.

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