PC Gaming at Currys


Whether you want to go portable with a cutting-edge gaming laptop, or stick to a PC tower and gaming monitor combo that will let you expand your performance over time, we have the perfect gaming PC for you. Choose from brands like MSI, Asus and more. A good gaming PC will let you game and stream with the best of them. With a great range of gaming PCs for sale at Currys, you're sure to find your dream machine.


If you're working on a custom built gaming PC, you'll need a good gaming keyboard and mouse to keep your competitive edge. Over time, you might want to add a new graphics card, a faster hard drive, or even immerse yourself in Virtual Reality. Or if comfort is more your thing, how about a gaming chair for those long hours in front of your custom PC?


Whether you’re upgrading your existing PC, or starting a new build – choosing your own PC components gives you the freedom to create an absolute beast of a gaming PC. Pick from overclocked processors, flagship graphics cards and motherboards with all the latest features.

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Explore the worlds of your favourite games like never before and completely immerse yourself in unique experiences with VR. Virtual reality headsets bring you right into the game, so you can explore Space, tiptoe around an asylum and jump aboard a rollercoaster.

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Our gaming accessories range has everything you need to complete your setup the right way. Get a great gaming chair, pick up essentials like cables and capture cards, or treat yourself to a racing wheel or green screen.

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