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Wifi Smart Scale

and reach your goals with the Fitbit app.

Get Active with all-day tracking

Get Active

Exercise more with guided coaching

Exercise More

Sleep Better with personalised insights

Sleep Better

Stay inspired with friends & challenges

Manage Weight



Maximise training and stay connected all day, everyday.



Track daily activity to improve your health and fitness.


Smart Scale

Track your trends and reach your goals with Fitbit Aria 2.

Wifi Smart Scales


Fitbit Ionic

Get the guidance and coaching you need to be your best

Get a smartwatch that gives you more with Fitbit Ionic – a device packed with fitness guidance, health insights, music storage, apps & more.

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Fitbit Versa

Live better and reach your health goals with Fitbit Versa.

Live your best life with Fitbit Versa – an all-day smartwatch that lasts 4+ days and uses personalised insights, music and more to help you reach your goals.


Charge 2
Fitbit Charge 2

Use heart rate tracking to push your fitness further

Make every beat count with continuous heart rate, multisport modes, Connected GPS, SmartTrack auto activity and sleep tracking, smartphone notifications and guided breathing sessions.

Alta HR
Fitbit Alta HR

Use heart rate tracking to take steps toward better health

Move to the beat of you with Fitbit Alta HR – the heart rate wristband that helps you reach your goals in style. Track your activity, exercise and sleep, and get motivating Reminders to Move.

Fitbit Alta

A stylish way to stay motivated all day

Wear fitness your way with a customisable wristband that tracks all-day activity, monitors sleep, automatically recognises your workouts and more.


Wifi Smart Scales
Fitbit Aria

Get a holistic picture of your health to help you achieve your goals

Track your trends and reach your goals with Fitbit Aria 2 – a sleek scale that measures weight, body fat, lean mass and BMI, and automatically syncs to the Fitbit app.



Find accessories for every occasion.

Take your device from work to workout and beyond with stylish accessories in metal, leather and more.

Fitbit Health and Fitness App

The fitness app for everyone

Get active with All-Day Tracking

Keep track of steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes each day. Set weekly exercise goals, automatically track them and use simplified heart rate zones to understand how hard you’re working. See summaries of your stats in the Fitbit app and track how working out can impact your resting heart rate.

Exercise more with Guided Coaching

Work out anytime, anywhere with the Fitbit Coach on your phone, tablet or computer. Fitbit Coach gives you personalised training anytime, anywhere. Get step-by-step workouts specifically tailored to you and as your fitness progresses, your routine will adjust and evolve, so you’ll always be training at the right level.

Sleep Better with Personalised Insights

Automatically track how long and how well you sleep, set sleep goals and bedtime reminders to form good habits and wake up peacefully with a silent alarm. With heart rate tracking, measure your time in light, deep and REM sleep to understand sleep quality and receive tips to improve your night.

Stay inspired with Friends and Challenges.

Stay motivated by competing with friends and family in Fitbit challenges. Embark on virtual experiences with Fitbit Adventures and reach your fitness goals. Celebrate your achievements with Fitbit badges and sharing your key stats.

Every Fitbit has...

Reminders to Move

To help you fit more movement into your day, Fitbit Ionic sends you friendly Reminders to Move that encourage you to stay active and to reach mini-goals of set steps each hour.

Call and text alerts

Receive call, text and calendar notifications on display, so you never miss the messages that matter.

Interchangeable accessories

AWear Fitbit Ionic in a way that’s all your own by using the quick release button to easily switch your band into sport, leather and other styles.

Wirelessly sync with 250+ devices

Automatically and wirelessly sync to your computer with 250+ iPhone, Android and Windows compatible devices—so you can access your health and fitness stats anywhere, anytime.

Fitbit Ionic Dynamic Personal Coaching

Unlock the mystery of sleep with sleep tracking, insights and other innovations.

Auto Sleep Tracking & Silent Alarm

Automatically track your sleep duration and consistently measure your sleep trends. Then wake up peacefully with a silent alarm.

Sleep Schedule

Fitbit recommends a personalised sleep schedule based on your sleep goal, recent trends and your wake-up target.

Sleep Insights

Learn more about your sleep stats and see relevant tips for improving your sleep quality and nightly routine. Compare your trends to those of the same age and gender.

Sleep Stages

Track Light, Deep and REM sleep to understand your sleep quality:
Light - good for memory and learning
Deep - physical recovery from workouts
REM - mental restoration

Tailor your look for any occasion.

With special editions, accessory bands and designer collections, you can wear Ionic wherever life takes you.

Sport Collection

Horween Leather

1 Battery life up to 4+ days. Battery life and charge cycles vary with use & other factors; actual results will vary.

All fitbit trackers and smartwatches have

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