Smart watches & fitness

What to consider when buying a smart wearable:

Smartwatches and fitness trackers make it much easier for you to keep on top of your health and fitness. They can help you get the most out of your workout, measure how many calories you burn doing the weekly shop, and even monitor the quality of your sleep. But a smartwatch does so much more than that. It keeps you connected and hands-free while you go about your day – just like having a tiny phone on your wrist. If you’re always on the go, it’s a real time saver.

Should I buy a smartwatch or fitness tracker?

Really into your sport? Then a fitness tracker is a good choice, because it helps you focus on all things health. They’re brilliant at tracking all your daily activity and helping you reach your fitness goals. We’ve got all the major brands including Fitbit, Huawei and Garmin fitness trackers .

A smartwatch is more like an extension of your smartphone. A quick check of your wrist is all it takes to view incoming messages, make and take calls, and perhaps even control the music you’re listening to on your headphones. Our range of smartwatches features big names like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watches and Garmin sports watches.

Whichever one you choose – fitness tracker or smartwatch – it’s important to check whether your phone’s compatible with it. Most wearables use either Apple watchOS, Google Wear OS or Samsung Tizen, but some will have their own. If you want to check, our product pages have this info.

What are the best features to look for in a smart wearable?

Have a think about what extra tech you want with your fitness tracker or smartwatch. Do you want a touchscreen or are you fine with buttons? Or maybe you’d like to go completely hands-free and control it with your voice?

Other common features are in-built GPS (so you can leave your smartphone at home when you go for a run), heart-rate monitoring, blood-pressure monitoring, and NFC for making payments. And if you’re into a specialist sport or activity, chances are there’s a fitness tracker or smartwatch that can automatically track it.