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Capture cards - Cheap Capture card Deals | Currys Find the perfect Capture cards for you in our full Streaming equipment range here at Currys. Shop online for delivery or order & collect.
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Discover our range of capture cards

If you’re a seasoned gamer and enjoy sharing your gaming exploits with friends or online followers over social media, you’re probably well aware of game capture cards. If you’re less familiar with the ins and outs of recording and streaming gameplay, a quick introduction is probably in order.

In a nutshell, a game capture card is a device that records footage of games being played on consoles or PCs. Like other types of screen capture software, they record the onscreen action. But, because they’re separate components, capture cards put very little strain on the console or PC you’re using, which ensures that lagging, skipping or freezing is far less likely. Ultimately, they give you a dependable way to create your own quality gaming content, without putting too much strain on your console or PC.

In the age of Twitch and YouTube video game streaming, game recording software has become increasingly invaluable. Our collection of game capture cards presents a variety of smart, easy to use game capture solutions that make it easy to share smooth, professionally recorded gaming footage. If you want to immortalise your greatest gaming moments and share them with the world – and why wouldn’t you! – a game capture card really is a must.

Our collection of gaming accessories includes a number of HD video game capture devices, including a host of Elegato cards, some of which come bundled with a stream deck that will take your streaming content to the next level by allowing you to control all of your tools with a tap of a key and add personal touches to your streams with onscreen GIFs, images, videos and audio clips.

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For seasoned gamers, capture cards should require no introduction – but if you’re buying for someone else, or just finding your feet in the world of streaming and gaming, a quick run-through of what you’re looking at, and why they’re so useful, is probably in order.

In a nutshell, a game capture card is a device that records onscreen footage of the game being played on your console or PC. While it’s possible to record game footage on most devices, a capture card has the benefit of being a separate component – that means it puts very little strain on your machine, reducing the chance of lagging, skipping or freezing. And that means cooler footage, better gameplay and a far more enjoyable experience as you play.

Sharing your most impressive gaming moments with friends and followers has never been easier and our range of Elgato capture cards bring you the freedom to get creative with what you record. The Elgato HD60S features an integrated live streaming feature, and Stream Command, which allows you to add webcam footage and overlays to your videos – perfect if you’re looking to bring even more of your personality to your online gaming profile. And if you’re looking for even more nifty features, like rewinding live play, the Elgato HD60S+ is the model for you.

If the visuals are paramount to your recording and streaming experience, make sure to invest in a 4k gaming capture card, for crystal clear footage and a stunning picture. With 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, they’re the best way of showing your gameplay in the best possible light.

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