Different types of projectors

It can be tricky to decide on the perfect projector, so let’s start with the different types. If watching movies is your priority – check out a home cinema projector. Does what it says on the tin – they’re designed to bring the cinema home. You can pick from Full HD projectors as well as 4K projectors, and the speakers are included so you can plug in and get watching straight away. If you want to host an incredible gaming tournament, gaming projectors are the one. They’re designed to reduce stuttering and image tearing, give you rich colours, and fast response times.

Projectors for the office and school

And then there are office projectors for work, school or uni presentations. Office projectors focus on connectivity, so you’ll have loads of ports to plug your hard drive, laptop, USB drive and more into. And finally, there’s portable projectors. They’re far smaller and lighter than standard projectors, with a battery inside (so you can use it without a power cable). Portable projectors tend to have slightly lower resolutions and don’t focus on quality in the same way that home cinema or gaming projectors do, but they’re perfect for trips with friends, impromptu presentations, or last-minute entertainment on the go.

How to set up a projector

Once you’ve decided on the type of projector you want, it’s time to think about setup. If you need to install your projector very close to the screen, you’ll want a short throw projector. But if you have a huge space to work with, not only do you want a long throw projector, but you might want a bigger screen size too. If you don’t have the perfect blank white wall to project onto, you might want a projector screen too. And if you want to wall or ceiling mount your projector – make sure you have the space and correct brackets.

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