iPads, tablets & eReaders

Things to consider

Small, lightweight, and easy to use, you can do so much with a tablet. Use it as an entertainment centre for watching the latest TV shows and movies, browse social media in bed, keep the kids happy on long journeys, play music in the park or load it up with e-books for holiday reading. We’ve got a huge range of tablets, suitable for all budgets and types of user.

Which tablet should I buy?

The kind of tablet you choose depends on what you’ll be using it for. If you want it mainly for entertainment, go for one with a screen size of 10" or more, with a resolution of at least Full HD. That way, you can really immerse yourself in your favourite games and movies and see all the action in amazing detail.

If you’re looking for a tablet to do serious work and studies on, then go for a powerful large screen tablet like iPad Pro. It’s a match for any laptop. With the Apple M1 Chip under the hood, it gives you the power to blaze through major tasks and creative projects like video editing and 3D design.

Samsung Tablets are always a safe choice if you like Android tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S series is another one that also gives you a laptop-like experience. It has a powerful processor, a large display, and with the amazing S-pen, you can write, draw and edit like a pro.

Amazon is much more than just Kindle. With its Amazon Fire Tablets, it’s a big player in the industry. But, if you just need a good read, we’ve got plenty of Amazon Kindles, Kobo eReaders, and many other eReaders for you.

Which tablet operating system should I choose?

You can choose from Apple iOS, Android or Fire OS. The best one for you may well depend on the operating system you’re already using in your smartphone and other devices. For example, if you’re completely at home with your iPhone, it makes sense for your tablet to be an Apple iPad. Then you can easily share data and personal info like emails and passwords across devices.

Need more help? We’re tech experts. So if you need advice before you buy, check out our tablet buying guide.