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Gaming Peripherals

From low-latency gameplay with Razor HyperSpeed Wireless, to next level immersion with HyperSense audio, upgrade your rig with a Razer gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset.

Wireless Mice
Wireless Mice

HyperSpeed Wireless tech is an absolute game changer. With less delay on every click, all your actions are even faster. Making Razer Wireless mice the go to option for the world’s best esports athletes.

Wired Mice
Wired Mice

Click. Click. Boom! Get the jump on your opponents with turbo charged response times. And win those one-on-one shootouts without breaking a sweat - all thanks to pixel perfect aim and pinpoint control.

Gaming Keyboard
Gaming Keyboards

Press the attack! Razer’s mechanical, optical and mecha-membrane keyboards are the centre of your battle station. Responsive keys make weapon shortcuts incredibly fast. While RBG colours let you customise the keyboard to suit your mood – or the adventure you’re playing.

Wireless HS
Wireless headsets

Heard of Razor HyperSense? No? Listen to this. Their headsets convert sound into touch-sensory feedback in real time – flowing from left to right across your head. So, you’ll know exactly where that enemy gunfire is coming from. And will be even more immersed. Take cover!

Wired HS
Wired headsets

Not got time for a charge? Razer’s wired headsets won’t run out of juice. So, you don’t have to hit pause on your mission. And with THX spatial audio, realistic surround sound puts you right in the middle of the action.

Mouse Mats

Hybrid. Hard. Soft. Every surface brings out the best performance from your mouse. And each is kind is perfect for different playstyles. You’ll glide across arenas and flash through levels at hyper speed. Or slow things down for even more gameplay control. The choice is yours.