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Discover the McAfee range

McAfee ®
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Why do you need to be safe on the internet?

If you get hacked, the consequences can range from unauthorized access to your personal and sensitive information, financial loss, and identity theft. The average loss from identity fraud in the UK is £1190.*
Your personal information can end up online through simple activities, like an online purchases, creating an account online, or even signing up for an online class.


Almost 500 indentities* are stolen everyday in the U.K.


42% increase in credit card fraud in last three months of 2021 Fraudsters using victims' address to apply for credit


Identity theft in the U.K. accounts for 53% of online fraud cases.
Individuals could be risking up to £9,000* as a result of an ID fraud incident.

McAfee ® Privacy & Identity Guard

is the simple solution to take back control of your personal info and lower your risk of identity theft, by reducing the number of companies storing your data.
Giving you early warnings about breaches so you can take steps to protect your personal info.

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Stay ahead of cyber threats with McAfee Dark Web Monitoring.

Keep an eye out for your email addresses, to see if they have been compromised.

Is your email address all yours?

McAfee Dark Web Check

Take charge of who has access to your personal info online and reduce your risk of identity theft.


Notifys you of a data breach


Prevents identity theft


Defends your social accounts


Searches Website that sell your personal info


Finds any accounts you no longer use


Gives a personalised online protection score


McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard

take back control of your personal info and minimize your risk of identity theft.

  • your data belongs only to you
  • you can monitor your identity
  • you have your online accounts under control
  • that your privacy remains private even in social media
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McAfee is a worldwide leader in online protection. We’re focused on protecting people, not devices.

Our solutions adapt to our customers’ needs and empower them to confidently experience life online through integrated, easy-to-use solutions.

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