LG QNED TVs at Currys

LG Qned See pure colours even richer

See pure colours even richer with LG QNED

LG QNED’s Dimming Technology

LG QNED's dimming technology uses deep-learning algorithms to map and send object information to backlight dimming blocks, creating sharper, more natural images while minimising halo effect.

LG QNED dimming technolog

LG Ultra-large Screen

When we said big, we meant it

Take your viewing to the next level with vibrant QNED colour in stunning 4K on an ultra-large screen.

LG large screen tv

a7 Gen5 AI Processor

We're fine-tuning your viewing experience

The a7 Gen5 AI Processor uses deep-learning algorithms to offer an enhanced viewing experience.

LG a7 Gen5 AI processor

True Cinema

Performance that steals the show

Enjoy a breathtakingly cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home with LG QNED.

LG home cinema

Powerful Gaming

So much more power to play with

Upgrade your gaming setup with a next-level TV designed for ultimate next-gen gaming.

LG gaming

Cloud Gaming

LG QNED brings thousands of new games to you with Google Stadia and GEFORCE Now built-in.

LG cloud gaming

AMD FreeSync Premium

Enjoy fast-paced gameplay with minimal tearing, stuttering, and input lag thanks to support for AMD FreeSync Premium on LG QNED.

AMD freesync premium

LG Eco Packaging

Just one more thing to love about QNED

LG QNED's packaging has been redesigned using single colour printing and a recyclable box.

Recyclable LG tv box