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Kenwood Laundry Appliances

Our energy efficient range of washing machines are designed around daily life, offering the latest in cleaning technology, with wash programmes to beat any stain and load capacities to suit every household.

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Washing machine features

  • Speedwash

    Kenwood's speed wash feature cuts down on washing time by 25%, and can be used on various wash programmes including colour, cotton, synthetic, and baby care. There's also a 15 minute quick wash option - perfect for refreshing clothing in a hurry.

  • Wash-Reload

    Kenwood washing machines let you pause the wash and add any forgotten items to the cycle - so you don't need to worry if you've left your favourite outfit out of the wash. The range also lets you delay your wash so you can ensure you clothes are freshly washed when you arrive home.

  • Diamond drum technology

    Moves the clothes gently and protects your clothes by using smaller water holes, to ensure that fabrics don't accidently get caught and damaged.

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