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Choose from our wide range of washing machines and tumble dryers that are packed with innovative programmes that are not only kind on your clothes, but also kind on the environment too. If you are tight on space, then opt for one of our washer dryers with wash through to dry programmes, which allow you to put dirty clothes in the machine and take them out clean and dry once the cycle has finished.

Discover our Laundry range

Freestanding washing machines

Give your clothes a more hygenic wash.

At Grundig we want to ensure you keep yourself and your family safe from harmful germs and bacteria.

The Cotton 60ºC programme on our washing machines will keep the temperature at 56ºC for a period of 15 minutes or more which will kill most bacteria and viruses* and the anti-allergy programme provides an even more hygienic wash, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens.

*World Health Organisation

Washer dryers

Each washer dryer tub is made with
60 recycled plastic bottles.

If you're looking for an integrated washer dryer to add a seamless look to your kitchen, or need the large capacity of a freestanding washer dryer, we have the product for you.

We use up to 60 recycled plastic bottles in the production of each washer dryer tub. It's designed to be kinder on the environment by reducing the pollution of harmful plastic bottles. Let's take a small step in the right direction to build a better future.

Tumble dryers

Ignore the 'do not tumble dry' lable with
our new AirTouch technology.

The Grundig range of heat pump and condenser tumble dryers come with a selection of technologies that take care of your clothes.

With our new AirTouch technology you can place your clothes on a flat bed with no drum rotation, allowing you to dry even the most delicate items of clothing that have a ‘do not tumble dry' label, such as silk, shoes, hats and lingerie.