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AMICA Freestanding wine coolers - Cheap AMICA Freestanding wine cooler Deals | Currys Keep your favourite bottles at the perfect temperature with a freestanding wine cooler from Amica. Our extensive collection features the latest models from Beko and Haier.
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Discover our range of AMICA Freestanding Wine Coolers

If you're a fan of chilled red wine, you're probably familiar with the concept of cellaring. In short, it means waiting to drink your favourite wines until they have reached their perfect temperature, often the temperature of a wine cellar. As not many of us live in homes that have an in-built wine cellar, the experts at Amica have come up with a helpful solution, freestanding wine coolers. These refrigerators can be posistioned anywhere in your home and provide the perfect solution for storing your favourite wines at their optimum temperature. A dedicated space in your home like one of these fridges can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your most precious bottles and ensuring they are always at the best temperature to drink.

Our collection of Amica freestanding wine coolers offers an affordable and easy way to create a stable environment for your wine. This popular brands know a thing or two about creating quality refrigeration thanks to years of experience in the food industry. The result? Well built, efficient appliances that will keep your wines tasting just right.

Take the dependable Amica AWC600SS Wine Cooler. This freestanding upright fridge has precise temperature controls in two separate zones, so you can have different bottles kept at their ideal temperatures in the same fridge. Plus, the see-through, double-glazed glass doors allow your wines to be dispayed with ease and have a UV filter to keep your wine protected from the light.

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