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BOSCH Integrated washer dryers - Cheap BOSCH Integrated washer dryer Deals | Currys Browse our Bosch washer dryers, including built-in models and top-quality, front-loading machines. Find great prices on Bosch integrated washer dryers today.
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Discover our range of BOSCH Integrated washer dryers

Our collection of Bosch washer dryers showcases a broad variety of integrated models that promise to help you achieve fabulously fresh laundry results in no time at all. Our collection features a selection of compact, cost-effective machines that can be installed discretely to blend into your home décor. And yet, while the machines fit comfortably in your cabinets, a 180° opening door and 30cm porthole make loading and unloading a breeze.

What else can we tell you about Bosch's integrated washer dryer range? They have a wide range of ingenious features to help you wash and dry your loads quickly and efficiently - and all in one appliance. With a variety of programs, you can select the cycle length, temperature, spin and other settings that suit the types of fabrics you're washing during each load.

From cotton to silk, wool and beyond, the Bosch integrated washer dryers can handle it all. Plus, if you only need to do a small wash, like a couple of shirts, or if you want your clothes in a hurry, you can choose its quick cycle options to get your clothes back quick as a flash. And if you need to tackle a family-sized load, Bosch's range of cycles - alongside their large door - make it easy to take care of up to 7kgs in one go.

The Bosch washer dryer range also includes models with an Allergy+ option that will help to reduce the amount of allergens in your laundry. From dust mites to pollen and more, Bosch's excellent feature will remove allergens so it's better for sensitive skin. What more could you want?

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