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Turntable vs record player vs vinyl player

You love your vinyl, but what do you play it on? It all depends on what’s right for you. Record players let you play your records straightaway. That’s because record players usually contain all the components you need – like an in-built amp and a speaker. Plug them in and they’ll play right away. If you’ve got an existing hi-fi system (including an amp and speakers) then you’ll probably want to go for a turntable. Some turntables might come with all the connecting wires you need, but hi-fi systems with turntables mean you’ll need record player cables and accessories.

Connect your speakers to a Bluetooth turntable

Turntables and record players may be old technology, but that doesn’t mean they can’t offer new features that you’ll love. Go for a Bluetooth turntable (like a Sony Bluetooth turntable) and there’s no need to connect with cables. Instead, you can connect your record player directly up to Bluetooth-enabled speakers, a soundbar or headphones. It's a great solution if you’re short on space for a hi-fi system with a turntable.

Manual vs automatic turntables – which is the best to buy?

Manual turntables mean you have to lower the tonearm onto the record to start playing and then place it back when your record has stopped playing. On a fully automatic turntable, it does it itself – like on a jukebox. Go manual if you like to do it yourself, or if you want to find a specific place on a record. Automatic is good for people who are worried about damaging the record. The other great thing about going automatic is that you’ll never accidentally leave the record running – which can damage the needle.

Cables and accessories for your turntable

If you’re getting a stereo hi-fi system with a turntable on top, chances are you’ll need to get all the cables and connectors. This may include audio cables, jack cables, red and white aux cables etc.

And while you’re stocking up on record player needles and styluses, be sure to check out our other turntable accessories. From turntable cabinets to record cleaning kits and LP storage cases.