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3 reasons why a fitness tracker is key to helping your fitness journey

Fitness trackers can give you an invaluable insight into your health. Find out why they’re essential for hitting your fitness goals.


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Fitness trackers and smartwatches have taken over our wrists. Staying on top of our steps, reading notifications at a glance, and learning more about our health have become our watch priorities in 2022. But how can a fitness tracker help you achieve your fitness goals?


If you’re dipping your toes into exercise after a slightly sedentary few pandemic years, a fitness tracker is great to get you motivated. Your fitness tracker will send you reminders to get up and move, even if it’s taking 2 minutes to walk a lap of the house or to go on a lunchtime walk, it makes you more mindful about your exercise. Getting a badge for achieving a certain number of steps also helps to keep you motivated. Apart from reminders to move, your tracker’s app will let you see workouts, add your own personal workouts and some even come equipped with personal trainers and training programmes.

Holistic health

While fitness trackers will track your key fitness goals like steps, calories and stairs climbed, they can track so much more to give you a holistic view of your overall health. Two key areas they monitor are your sleep and your stress levels. By wearing your fitness tracker to bed, it will be able to monitor your sleep quality, so you get a better understanding of your sleep cycles. Some fitness trackers will monitor your stress and encourage you to have a mindful moment and get your blood pressure down.

Helps build healthy habits

As you get this more holistic view of your health and fitness, you’ll find yourself more invested in your health and making your stats as positive as possible. For example, by seeing how many calories you burn in a day, you’ll better understand how many calories you should be consuming to hit your goals. You might even start swapping a coffee break for some fresh air and a short walk! You can even track how much water you drink during the day so there’s no risk of becoming dehydrated – from our skin to our sleep, water has a myriad of health benefits.

Here are some of our top fitness trackers to help you get fit and learn more about your health…

Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense has all the features you need to get on top of your fitness and health goals. Thanks to its advanced PurePulse 2.0 tracking sensor, the Fitbit Sense will expertly track all your key metrics like heart rate, stress, sleep, and exercise. If you’re into running, it’ll track your pace, distance and route. A good night’s sleep is essential for living a healthier life so understanding your sleep cycle and the quality of your sleep is key. Its SmartTrack will automatically recognise the type of exercise you’re doing and it’s water resistant too. It has an excellent 6 day battery life, and, when you do find yourself running low, just 12 minutes on the charger gives you another 24 hours. The AMOLED display has an always-on mode so everything is at a quick glance and, with Fitbit Pay, you can pay for your morning coffee with a flick of your wrist.

Available in Carbon & Graphite or Lunar White & Soft Gold..

Huawei Watch 3 Classic

The Huawei Watch 3 Classic is a stylish smart watch and fitness tracker. It’s easy to connect to your phone so you can track all your vital stats. It tracks your heart rate, steps, calories, sleep and, it even tracks your skin temperature and SpO2 levels! Its has a clear 1.43” AMOLED display so you can easily see your vital stats, check the time or stay up to date on your notifications. It’ll give you daily reminders to keep hydrated and drink water – an essential part of getting fit. If you’re out with friends or family, you can use your Huawei Watch 3 as a remote shutter so you can easily take group shots.

Garmin vivofit jr. 3 Kid's Activity Tracker

Get the whole family in on the fitness journey with the Garmin vivofit jr. 3 Kid's Activity Tracker. Perfect for kids, they can get this activity in a range of styles to suit their interests whether they prefer Disney princesses, Black Panther, Iron Man, cool blue stars or pretty purple florals. It’s a tough and durable tracker, making it perfect for active kids. Its battery is replaceable and lasts for over one year. When kids reach their 60 minute daily activity goals, they get to unlock new games and activities in the app. Not only will it track their steps, sleep, and level of activity, but you can use it to assign chores, tasks and rewards – the right amount of motivation to help out around the house!

Find the perfect fitness tracker for you here.

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