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Trade in for your next Ninja Air Fryer

In the market for a new air fryer? Our Ninja trade in offer is not to be missed!


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Air fryers have taken the world of home cooking by storm. Everyone and their mother has one at this stage. They require minimal effort and, most importantly, minimal clean up. If you have one and are thinking of upgrading or maybe gifting someone the ultimate gift, we are giving you the perfect opportunity. Until the 22nd of August, if you trade in any old small kitchen appliance, be it your current air fryer or a kettle that’s been on the blink, you can get €25 off a new Ninja air fryer.

What is an air fryer? Do I need one?

An air fryer uses convection heat and circulates the hot air to cook your food. In most air fryers, your food will sit on a perforated tray or plate which lets the hot air evenly flow around the food. Unlike a deep fat fryer, you still get a lovely crisp on your food but without the need for a large quantity of oil.

You might say an air fryer does exactly what your oven can do, but its convenience is what sets it apart. Thanks to its even air flow, the air fryer cooks food much quicker than an oven, or even a pan on the hob, can. It’s also much easier to clean than an oven as its parts are more-often-than-not dishwasher safe.

While you might not need one, you won’t regret buying one as it’ll save you time and yield many delicious results.

What can I cook in an air fryer?

Apart from rice and pastas, you can pretty much cook anything in an air fryer. From an omelette for breakfast to roasts for your Sunday dinner and cookies and brownies for dessert, the only limit is your imagination. With every air fryer, there’s an accompanying booklet which outlines the ideal time and temperature to cook meat, fish and vegetables as well as a few handy recipes.

Ninja AF100UK Air Fryer

If you’re just getting your first air fryer, the Ninja AF100UK Air Fryer is ideal. As well as air frying, you can roast, reheat, and dehydrate with this Ninja. Its 3.8 litre basket can fit an impressive amount of food from a roast chicken to an omelette for two. All you need to do is select your time, temperature, and whichever function you want. Once your food is ready, the air fryer gives a beep and you’re ready to serve. The air fryer comes with a handy booklet filled with the ideal timings for different meat, fish and vegetables so you can get started cooking as soon as you unbox. The basket is non-stick and completely dishwasher safe.

Ninja AF160UK Air Fryer MAX & Dehydrator

With a slightly larger basket at 5.2 litres, the Ninja AF160UK Air Fryer MAX & Dehydrator has a similar shape to the AF100UK but added function. In addition to air fry, roast, dehydrate and reheat, you can also bake and Max Crisp. If you live for potatoes, the Max Crisp function will give your chips and roasties that extra crunch. It has an odour filter so no matter what you’re cooking your kitchen won’t be filled with smells. Its bake function is great for making cookies, brownies, and cakes. The AF160UK can cook up to six portions of food and its basket is completely dishwasher safe.

Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone AF400UK Air Fryer

If you’re upgrading your air fryer, the Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone AF400UK Air Fryer is the ultimate. It has the same functions as the AF160UK but its size makes it great for big families, big air fryer lovers and homes who love to entertain. It has two 4.75 litre drawers so you can cook your meat in one drawer and your vegetables in the other. The best thing about this is you can use the Sync function to ensure that both baskets are finished cooking at the same time. With the two baskets, you can easily make enough food for up to 8 people.

See all our Ninja air fryers here.

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