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A new way to dry clothes

As seen on Room to Improve, an clothes drying cabinet can transform your laundry. Read about the LG Styler S3BF here.


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In a country where the weather is less than predictable, getting clothes dried can be tricky. While a clothes horse is handy and cheap, it can add damp to the air which is neither good for our home or our health. And although we love a good tumble dryer, it isn’t always the best drying option for certain fabrics. If you want your laundry dry, scented and crease-free, a steam clothing care system is an excellent investment for your home - you may have even seen one recently on RTÉ’s Room to Improve!

LG Styler S3BF WiFi-enabled Steam Clothing Care System

The LG Styler S3BF WiFi-enabled Steam Clothing Care System is an appliance that packs a punch. Not only does it dry your clothes, it also steams, sterilises, dehumidifies and adds fragrance.

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, this will make such a difference to your clothes thanks to its TrueSteam technology that steams while remove bacteria, allergens and sterilises your clothes. If you have a lot of clothes that regularly go to the dry cleaners like suits, coats or tricky fabrics like cashmere or silk, this is perfect for those as they’ll be fresh and wrinkle free.

To use it, you just plug it in and fill the water container. After each cycle, just empty the drain tank and you’ll be ready for your next load. To keep your Styler in tip top condition, download the LG ThinQ app so you can monitor cycles, download different functions and run a smart diagnosis to ensure it’s running correctly.

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