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Top tech to add to your holiday checklist this summer

Going on holidays this summer? Whether it's to the sun or to a city, we've the best tech to enhance your holiday.


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Even though you can’t beat Ireland when the weather is nice, it hits different when you’ve nothing to do but lounge by a pool. Whether you’re going to a gorgeous sun-soaked destination or exploring a new city, we have all the essentials from travel adaptors to tablets. So take note and add these to your holiday checklist this summer…

Amazon Kindle 6” eReader

Bring an entire library of books on holidays with you without weighing down your luggage. The Amazon Kindle 6” eReader weighs less than 200g and can store thousands of books thanks to its 16 GB of storage. It has up to 6 weeks of battery life so even if you’re going on a long holiday, you won’t have to worry about charging it or it dying at the end of a juicy chapter. It has an anti-glare e-ink display with 300 PPI resolution so your text will be crisp, clear and your eyes won’t get sore from a long reading session. It even connects to Bluetooth so you can relax to an audiobook.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD

If your hotel room or aparthotel doesn’t have a smart TV and you want to relax a bit before heading out for the evening, fear not. With an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD in your suitcase, you can just plug it into the TV, connect to the WiFi and you’ll have access to all your favourite streaming services. You can use the Alexa voice controls to launch apps and find content. If you’re watching on Prime, you can quickly and easily find out where you recognise that actor from.

Belkin 10,000 mAh Magnetic Wireless Charger & Portable Power Bank

A good, reliable power bank is worth investing in. It can top up your phone battery when you’re on the move, charge up your tablet as you stream waiting for your flight and give your headphones a bit more lasting power as you dose to your favourite podcast poolside. The Belkin 10,000 mAh Magnetic Wireless Charger & Portable Power Bank can give your phone 2 full charges, and if you have an iPhone 12 or later, you can wirelessly charge it. It also comes with a USB-C cable so you can fast charge your other devices on the go.

VELD VT42FB Super-Fast 2-port USB Travel Charger

Between phones, cameras, smartwatches and tablets, we’re bringing more devices on holidays than ever. The VELD VT42FB Super-Fast 2-port USB Travel Charger is great for any USB-charged device as it has a USB and USB-C charging port. Its Smart Charging ensures each device gets the optimum power for their charge and that no energy is wasted. The default plug is for countries like the USA, Canada and Japan, but it comes with a UK plug, European plug and Australian plug so no matter where you travel to, you’re sorted.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones

In the air or sitting poolside, pop your headphones on and block out the world to really relax. The Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones are perfect for travel. They have Adaptive Sound Control so the content you’re listening to is automatically adjusted to the sound profile around you. It has smart Speak-to-Chat which will recognise when you’ve started to chat and pause your music and resume once you’re done. They have 30 hours of battery life and you’ll get 5 hours of listening time from just 10 minutes of charge. With intuitive controls on the earcup, it’s easy to control your music, accept calls or ask your smart assistant a question. It comes with a carry case to keep them safe in your bag and an in-flight adapter so you don’t have to use free plastic earbuds.

Fitbit Versa 3

Whether you’re swimming, walking along the beach or busy exploring a new city or seaside town, you’d be surprised how much exercise you actually do on holidays. The Fitbit Versa 3 is a great fitness tracker for your holidays. It’s sleek and stylish but filled with amazing technology to give you a better understanding of your health. Its battery lasts up to 6 days and that’s with 24 hours of health tracking. During the day, it can track your swims, your steps, calories burned, active minutes and at night it will monitor your sleep and health as you snooze. You can load your debit card onto it with Fitbit pay and leave your card in the safe for the day as its swimproof and water resistant. You can control your music and podcasts with it, get all your smartphone notifications and keep an eye on your key stats. Through the Fitbit app, you can delve into your sleep patterns, add your food intake, see what your daily readiness score is and so much more.

Lenovo Tab M8 8" Tablet

If you’re on a flight that lasts more than two hours, a tablet with your favourite show downloaded is an essential. The Lenovo Tab M8 8" Tablet is a great flight accompaniment. It’s slim and lightweight with up to 16 hours battery life. For downloading your shows, it has 32 GB of storage and you can use a microSD card to increase your storage up to an impressive 1 TB. It comes with a protective case with a stand so you don’t have to worry about any small bumps or knocks it might get.

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