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How to choose a new washing machine

With so much choice, how do you differentiate and pick the ideal washing machine for you and your lifestyle? We’ve some helpful tips.


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Key washing machine features to look out for

Drum size
One of the first factors that you should consider would be drum size and how many people you’ll be washing for. As a rule of thumb 1kg holds approximately 5 t-shirts while an 8kg will hold 40 which is great for large families. Washing machines are most effective and energy efficient when they are full. Drum capacities can range from 5kg-13kg with the weight referring to dry clothes that can fit in the drum.

Generally, the faster the spin of a machine means more water will be removed. This means you don’t have to keep them in the tumble dryer or on a washing line for as long. Most machines' spin speed will range between 1200-1600rpm. However, one factor to consider would be that faster spins can be more costly and are usually noisier too.

Energy rating
The energy rating scale now goes from A to G with A being the most energy efficient. The previous system used to include A+++, A++ and A+ . These were taken out to simplify the scale and to reflect increasingly economical technology. Most machines that had an A+++ rating in the past will now have a B or C rating.

Quick wash
Most machines have a quick wash between 14-30 mins which would normally be with a reduced load of 2kg. These are designed to freshen up clothes and not for removing tough stains.

Noise level
The noise level of washing machines is measured in decibels (dB). Any machine lower than 50 dB would be considered relatively quiet.

Auto dosage
Want to be sure you are putting in the correct amount of detergent? Look out for machines that have an auto dose feature which ensures that the correct amount of detergent is used in each wash which is based on material type and weight.

Steam features
Look out for washing machines with steam features as they are perfect for those who are always busy on the go. Steam helps to reduce creasing, so you can spend less time ironing. Steam provides a more hygienic clean, helping to remove harmful particles such as pollen that may irritate people with allergies or who have sensitive skin.

Sensor features
Unsure of what programme is right for you? Look out for sensor washing machines which will automatically assess fabric type, soiling level, water hardness and the weight of the load which will alter the wash programme giving you optimal results.

Our top washing machine recommendations

Haier I-Pro Series 5 HW90-B14959U1-UK WiFi-enabled 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine

Treat your clothes with the Haier I-Pro Series 5 Washing Machine . It features a hOn app that allows you to choose and customise from over 60 specialised programmes for each type of fabric. You’ll also receive useful tips on stain treatment and advice on the type and quantity of detergent you’re using. You can even save money on electricity with the digital internal scales that weigh your clothes and automatically adjust the water consumption and cycle duration. The Antibacterial Treatment protects the most sensitive parts of your washing machine against mould and bacteria ensuring your laundry is hygienically clean.

Samsung Series 6 AddWash + Auto Dose WW80T684DLH/S1 WiFi-enabled 8 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine

The Samsung Series 6 Addwash + Auto dose washing machine is perfect for big families who are always in a rush. Its ecobubble technology mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that let you wash at cooler temperatures, saving you money along with helping the environment. Forgot to add a sock? No worries. Its AddWash feature that lets you pop items into the wash, even when you've already started the cycle. Unsure of what detergent to use? Its auto dose technology will always use the exact amount that each load requires. In a rush? With a 15-minute quick wash you can relax knowing that your favourite jeans will be clean in time.

Grundig GW75942TG Bluetooth 9 kg 1400 rpm Washing Machine

This Grundig 9kg washing machine’s drum capacity makes it ideal for large families letting you wash more clothes in one go, helping you save time and money. Perfect for allergy sufferers with its anti-allergy program which eliminates a wide range of allergens from pet hair to various mites and bacteria. Manage your laundry even on busy days with its quick wash features allowing you to wash a full load in 28 mins and a partial load in an incredible 14 minutes. With built-in Bluetooth you can manage your washing using your phone.

Bosch Serie 6 WAL28RH1GB WiFi-enabled 10 kg 1400 Washing Machine

Eliminate tough stains with the Bosch Serie 6 WiFi-enabled washing machine which automatically adjusts the temperature and soak time to tackle stubborn stains. With the Home Connect app check how much time is left on your load and get a notification once it's finished directly to your smartphone no matter where you are. The EcoSilence Drive motor uses magnets instead of brushes, so there are fewer moving parts inside. This means the motor will be quieter and faster. With its SpeedPerfect function you can get a turn a full load of laundry done up to 65% faster than the average machine.

Want to see more of our washing machines? Browse our full range of washing machines here.

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