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Beginner's guide to PS5

New to PlayStation? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you sorted.


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We’ve created this article for total PlayStation newbies. So if you’re brand new to PlayStation, follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Pick your perfect PS5

So, you’re considering taking the plunge into game changing gaming? We don’t blame you. But straight away you’ve got a choice to make. Either you can go for the full PS5 or the PS5 Digital.

If you don’t have any physical discs already you might think about going for the Digital Edition. It’s cheaper, sleeker but you won’t be able to use it as a Bluray, DVD or CD player. If you weren’t planning to use your PS as a multimedia set up anyway, it could be a good option.

Hook up your console to your TV

Once you get your shiny PS5 home, you’ll just need to hook it up to your TV. First, unbox your PlayStation to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Then it’s just a case of plugging your PS5 in and running the HDMI cable from the back of your console to your TV. You can then power on your PlayStation. The button is at the bottom of the console (when standing up) or the far left (lying down). Turn your TV on and make sure you’re on the right HDMI input – you’ll find all that with the source button on your TV controller.

Connect your controller

To start with, you’ll want to plug in your controller to your PS5 with the USB cable. Hankering to go wireless? It’s easy to set up.

Just make sure your PS5 is on and connected with the USB cable. Then just hold down the PS button on the controller and wait for the light to start blinking. Once it stops blinking and the blue lights are on, you can remove the USB cable. You’re now wireless!

Connect to the internet

You can either plug an ethernet cable straight into the back of your PS5 or you can use wifi. For wifi, just head to Settings then Network. From there, pick Settings and switch on Connect to the internet. Then you’ll be able to connect to your wifi as usual. Easy!

Explore your PS5 Settings

Change 3D Audio

Got a headset? Go to your Settings menu, then Sound and in Audio Output you can set your headphone sounds.

PS5 game presets

In your Settings menu, you’ll find Game Presets. There you can adjust everything from default Difficulty, tinker with your Resolution (so your games are looking their best) or put on Subtitles and much more. Just the way you like it!

PS5 battery power saving

If you’re using your controller’s wireless feature, you can go to System and Power Saving. There you can adjust how long your controller will sit idle before powering off.

PS5 game captures

If you’ll want to take screenshots or capture video you can assign buttons on your controller or set how much video you’ll capture. You’ll find Captures and Broadcasts in the Settings menu.

Get some games!

So, we come to the fun bit. Obviously, you can get searching for top titles, but you can also sign up to PlayStation Plus and access their entire catalogue of classic PS4 titles – including Unchartered 4 and God of War!

You can then add them to your list and download them when you want to play them – rather than filling your hard drive full of games.


And now you’re ready to play! If you want to launch straight into a free title, you’ll find Astro’s Playroom already installed. It’s a fun platformer which shows off all the features of your PlayStation controller – so give it a go.

Want some physical games to play? Check out all our PlayStation video games here.

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