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Your Currys Black Friday Survival Guide

Are you ready for Black Friday? Are you keeping an eye out for Black Friday deals? Check out our survival guide for shopping in store in 2021.


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We’ve all seen the footage of Black Friday shopping in the States. Camping outside stores, stampedes inside stores. This Black Friday, as we can shop indoors again, get ready to face the shoppers and the savings. Here’s our guide to surviving retail’s most important day.

Do a Reconnaissance

Once you get into the store, it’s easy to completely forget where everything is and what’s on your list. Visit your local Currys store in advance and make note of where your key products are. Know where the tills are so you can make a hasty run to them once you’ve secured your Black Friday deals.

Shop in Pairs

Black Friday is a big deal with big savings to be had. To make the most of your shopping excursion, bring a buddy. Not only can you divide the shopping, but they’re an extra pair of hands to carry big items back to the car. If you’re planning a spree, give them a list of items to either ask a member of the Currys team about or to grab from the shelf.

Plan of Attack

With your reconnaissance complete and your list written out, plan how you’ll approach your shopping. Smaller items like fitness trackers, printers and laptops may go quickly so grab them first. If you’re buying big appliances or TVs, you’ll need to ask a member of the Currys team for assistance so get the smaller purchases out of the way first.

Dress for Shopping Success

November is cold. The mornings are dark, the evenings are darker, and you’re constantly wrapped up in your cosiest layers. But, when you’re getting ready to brace the shops and hordes of fellow bargain-hunters, dress smart. Leave your coat in the car, don your comfiest shoes, and make sure your clothes are suitable for all types of shopping from hauling a TV to your car to trying out clothes.

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