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Unlock your potential with Windows 11

Getting ready for college? See what Windows 11 can do for you...


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Throughout your time in college, it’s important to be as organised as possible. When you get in the zone for studying or writing assignments, having the best productivity tools at your disposal is invaluable. A Windows 11 laptop will give you all the tools and functionality you need to succeed in college.

Start fast and stay fast

If you already had a laptop and are upgrading for the semester ahead, Windows 11 makes it quick and easy to transfer all your files and preferences to your new laptop.

You can then set up Windows Hello for a seamless sign in every time you open your laptop. Depending on your laptop, you can use facial recognition, fingerprint recognition or a simple PIN.

Easier to get projects done

Windows 11 comes with a range of use features to make your laptop easier to use.

Universal search

Whether you’re looking for an answer to a question, a document you can’t find or to quickly pull up an app, the Search function on your taskbar will source whatever you need. It will search through emails, files, photos, contacts, and the web to find what you’re looking for.


You may not think you’d use accessibility features, but what can be handy when spending long hours researching and writing. You can use voice recognition to navigate or have any text on-screen read aloud by a narrator, which is great for checking your assignments read well. You can even use the Windows logo key + H to use voice typing if you need a break from physically typing your essays.

Snap layouts

Snap layouts will make assignments or even note-taking in lectures a lot easier. You just need to hover on an app’s maximise button, drag an app to the side, or drag it to the upper middle to activate the Snap layout. There are different layouts to choose so you can have Edge open on the left, Word on the top right and your Sticky Notes on the bottom right. It’s a gamechanger for productivity!

Photos app

The Photos app now allows you to integrate your iCloud with Photos so you can have all your photos and videos backed up and easily accessed. You can easily rename, filter, and arrange your photos into folders with the improved app.

Easier to sync your phone and PC

Easily distracted by your phone when you’re studying? With Windows 11, you can connect your iPhone or Android phone to your PC. Phone Link allows you to unite your phone with your PC and make calls, reply to texts, and check your notifications without unlocking your phone. Ideal for when you need to focus but want to stay connected.

By choosing a Windows 11 laptop, you can unlock your potential this academic year and make it easier to manage your everyday. Browse all our Windows 11 laptops here.

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