PlayStation 5 Coming Soon!

The wait is almost over, gaming fans! Sony has officially announced that the new PlayStation is on its way. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

What will the new PlayStation be called?

No surprises here. Sony’s next console will go by the name of the PlayStation 5. PS5 for short.

When is the PS5 coming out?

We don’t know the exact PS5 release date as yet. However, Sony has advised us that it will be launched in time for Christmas 2020. The PS5 pre-order date is also to be confirmed.

What new features will the PS5 have?

A lot of details are still to be announced, but some cool new PS5 features have already been unveiled…

An innovative new controller

The PlayStation 5 will have a completely new controller, designed to deepen that feeling of immersion you get when you’re in the middle of your favourite game. Sony has worked hard to reimagine how the sense of touch can take gaming to a whole new level, and has added some exciting new innovations.

Firstly, haptic feedback will replace the ‘rumble’ technology found on the current PlayStation controller. Haptics give you a much wider range of feedback. So, for example, crashing into a wall in a racing game (it happens to the best of us) feels much different to making a crunching tackle on a football pitch. You’ll even get a sense of travelling through a variety of textures – running through fields will feel very different to plodding through mud, for example.

Another innovation on the new PlayStation 5 controller is something called adaptive triggers – new technology that will be incorporated into the L2/R2 trigger buttons. This will let you feel the tactile sensation of doing different things, from drawing a bow and arrow to accelerating through rocky terrain on an off-road vehicle.

Ultra-high speed solid-state drive (SSD)

The PS5 will have a solid-state drive (SSD) to turn loading time into a mere blink. It can also render gaming worlds much quicker, which allows for seamless gameplay. If you thought Spiderman was fast on the PS4, wait until you see him swing through Midtown on the PS5!

The SSD also makes things much more efficient. Older spinning hard drives have lots of duplicated information, but an SSD doesn’t - that means crucial space is saved.

Ray tracing

The PS5 will support ray tracing, a technique that lets game developers add elaborate lighting and sound effects to 3D environments. You can expect new PS5 games to be more realistic and incredibly spectacular.

3D audio

3D audio will be on the PS5, giving you a dramatically improved sound experience. You’ll feel more immersed as in-game sounds come at you from all around. Best of all, no additional hardware is needed – it’ll work through your standard TV speakers or headset.

Game creators have already started to receive early versions of the new controller, and we can’t wait to see where their imagination takes them with these new features!