See Tech. Talk Tech. Shop Tech.

Whether you’re looking for a new laptop, a washing machine or a TV, our in-store experts know our tech inside out and you can video call with them while you shop online. And you can do it from the comfort of your sofa.

How it works

Our experts are here to help with any laptop, TV or household appliance buying advice - all you need is a microphone.

Get connected

On selected pages across the site you will see a popup asking if you need buying advice. You can then start a one way video call with one of our experts (don't worry, we can't see you!). Please accept the request to access your microphone so we can hear you.

Ask your questions

There might be a brief wait while we connect you... our expert will then appear on screen. Fire away with any questions you have!

Complete your purchase

Once you’re happy you’ve got all the help you need, just hang up and complete your purchase online as normal.

Look out for the 'Need buying advice? Video chat with an expert now' option on site. Our experts are available throughout the day. We look forward to your call.


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What can I use it for?
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