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Things to consider when buying software

Why use internet security? Which version of Office is right for you? Why download your software? Device - Is this software compatible with my device? Ensure you meet the minimal requirements of software before purchasing Licences Does the software meet your level of experience?

Whether you have a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone, Currys has a wide selection of antivirus software to keep you safe online. Our internet security software works across a range of different devices, so you can get antivirus programs running on everything you use.

Connecting to the internet can put your device at risk. Without the right security in place, spyware, malware and spam can infiltrate your computer and play havoc with your device. Antivirus software acts as a robust security mechanism against these online threats, protecting you from fraudsters and hackers looking to steal your personal information.

Install internet security software on your computer and you’ll be able to surf, shop or bank online, in full confidence your information is safe and secure. It also gives you and your family privacy when using your device online.

If you’re looking for internet security for your office, we have a great selection of business software that’ll keep your files and data safe. With our Norton or McAfee antivirus software you get protection on up to 10 devices, making it a great-value option for any business.