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Whatever you use your PC or mobile device for, choosing the right software means you’ll be able to get things done.

Our range of software includes office and security packages as well as education and business software so you can stay productive and safe online.

You’ll be able to get software delivered, collect instore or even download the software from our website, so it’s easy to get your software quickly and easily.

Internet security

Internet Security is vital for keeping your computer healthy, data secure and information personal. There are different types, licences and brands, but all are designed to let you enjoy your time online with worry.

Why use internet security?

Stay safe - Internet security keeps your passwords and logins safe, so you never have to worry about someone gaining access to your online banking, social network, emails and more.

Virus-free - If you download something infected with a virus, internet security removes the threat to keep your computer running as it should.

Brower protection - If you download something infected with a virus, internet security removes the threat to keep your computer running as it should.

Parental control - If you download something infected with a virus, internet security removes the threat to keep your computer running as it should.

Available on all your devices - You can get internet security for all your household’s devices in a single package for great-value family security.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is used all over the world and is the go to word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software for many professionals, students and casual users alike.

Which version of Office is right for you?

Home & Student - Full versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. Gives one user access for life.

Home & Business - All the same software as Home & Student along with a full version of the desktop-based email server, Outlook.

Professional - Includes everything from Home & Business plus Publisher and Access, which offer high-end publishing and database creation respectively.


Our software downloads give you the same titles available in store instantly in your home. Just look out for downloadable versions of the software on the product page and click Buy for Download to get started.

Why download your software?

Instant access – There’s no waiting around for delivery, meaning you can access your software as soon as it’s finished downloading.

Convenient – You can buy wherever and whenever, from any device you choose and redeem your download at your convenience.

Secure – You product keys are kept securely in your account, making it easy to re-download your software if your computer needs wiping.

Flexible – Many new computers don’t come with disc drives, making downloadable software the simplest way to install programs and games.

Environmentally friendly – With no packaging, discs or delivery, downloading software is better for the environment than buying it in a package.

Things to consider when buying software


Software is designed to work with a specific operating system. You should always check that you’re buying the right version for your device, be it Windows, OS X or a mobile operating system.

We list the compatibility for each product, so it’s easy to find the right one.

Minimal requirements

Software features a set of requirements your computer or device must meet in order to run it correctly. We list the minimum requirements on the product page, with many being little more than an up-to-date of version of Windows or OS X. However, be careful with design and creative software, as they tend to have much higher requirements.


While most software can used by anyone with a little practice, some specialised programs require more experience or knowledge of the subject matter. You can read the product description to get a general idea of the level required, but a reliable rule is the more expensive the software, the more in-depth it goes.


Software comes with a variety of different licences, so it’s important you choose the right one. Security and anti-virus software typically needs to be renewed once a year, while other software can be purchased on automatic yearly renewal or with lifetime licences.