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Discover our range of Data Storage options at Currys. Whether you need a simple USB Stick for transferring pictures and documents, our USB range extends to SanDisk, Toshiba and Kodak to help you choose the ideal data device. If you need an even larger amount of space to back up your laptop, desktop or other, our range of Portable hard drives will be ideal.

At Currys, we stock brands such as WD, Seagate, Lacie and many more so you can find the perfect external drive that suits your needs. We also stock a large range of SSD drives. That stands for Solid State Drives and they are much faster than traditional hard drives. That means faster loading times for all your installed programmes as well as faster transfer times. Perfect if you’re looking to upgrade your existing desktop or laptop.

If you’ve ever considered investing in Cloud Storage, you’ll be delighted to hear we have cloud options for purchase. Perfect if you continually use multiple devices and need a central and easy access point to get to them. From 200 GB to 4 TB we have storage capacities that suit just one person or a whole household.