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Black Friday Deals 2019

When is Black Friday this year? 29th November

Black Friday is the biggest event in the shopping calendar so if you’re looking to grab the best deals, you’ll want to prepare. With that in mind, make sure to plan accordingly. If you're braving the shops make sure to prepare your mind, body and soul for the chaos that ensues. Alternatively, avoid the stress of crowds and queing altogether and shop online at your leisure. Why not create a wishlist on in advance, to fast track your Black Friday purchases. Either way we want you to experience the first class retail experience that you deserve!

Beat the rush!

Want to bag yourself the best deal? Get ahead of the crowds by planning your bargain hunting around the busiest online shopping times identified on the graph below.

Handy excuses to shop

You’re ready and primed to grab a bargain. Unfortunately, none of your loved ones – nor your boss – understand the importance of nabbing a half-price coffee machine. Here are some handy excuses to keep them at bay as you shop:

Tell your boss: “I’m just doing some research on consumer behaviour.”

Tell your partner: “I won’t shop for the rest of the year, I swear!”

Tell your parents: “Look how much money we’ve just saved!”

Tell yourself: “It's not a case of's a case of NEED."

Food and hydration tips

Black Friday shopping can feel like a marathon, so make sure you approach it like a true athlete. Set yourself up for the day ahead with a breakfast roll and a cup of Barrys, and brace yourself for deals like no other.

Snack breaks are an essential part of Black Friday. Be sure to have the Cadburys stockpiled to stay alert and energised throughout the day - you've earned it after all!

Don't let dehydration trip you up! Flasks of tea/coffee and plenty of water are essentials. They also give you a competitive edge over your fellow shoppers - when they stop to re-hydrate, you can stay on the move.

The ultimate Black Friday playlist

Escape into headphones: Listen to lots of up tempo music to get you pumped for the day ahead! Headphones on, volume up, and go go go! We suggest Rocky's 'Eye of the Tiger' to kick off the day!

Preparation tips

Tips to help you keep your eyes on the prize.

  • Have a plan: Research is an essential part of any successful Black Friday shopping spree. Fill your wishlist in advance to bag the best bargains.
  • Dress accordingly: Comfy clothes and layers will prove the best option - prepping you for the cardio of shopping, as well as keeping warm while in the queue. Runners are non-negotiable to ensure you beat other shoppers to the best deals. Don't forget to wear your fitness tracker to keep track of how many steps you do!
  • Use the buddy system: Be selective about who you recruit to accompany you to shops. Your smaller, more agile friends will prove most useful in slipping through the crowds.
  • Don't queue at all!: Avoid the stress altogether and shop our black tag sale online at Call the takeaway, pour yourself a large glass of wine, and park yourself on the couch for some uninterrupted retail therapy.
Stress-busting tips

Some tips to stay zen while you battle the crowds:

  1. Awareness: When you start to feel stressed, bring awareness to your breath and focus on the rising and failing of your chest. This should help restore feelings of calm.
  2. Organise your wallet: Avoid fumbling for cash and coins at the till. Use your credit or debit card for quick and easy transactions. Better still - use that One4All gift card that you were saving for something special!
  3. Concentrate: An entertaining podcast or captivating audiobook will keep your mind focussed.
  4. Accept the present moment: Instead of getting impatient and fed up, picture how happy your future-self will be surrounded by the black tag deals you nabbed.
  5. Peace of mind: Relax and enjoy the satisfaction that you will not find better deals anywhere else! We won't be beaten on price.

Busiest times of day

Can’t face the crowds? Avoid these peak times for a calmer shopping experience

Hottest deals of 2018

£700 off samsungs
€700 off select OLED & QLED TVs
£200 off HP laptopsUp to €240 off select HP and Lenovo laptops
Tablets from £29.99
Apple iPads from only €299

Highlights from last year

On average there was an order every 3 seconds
tv's height 28 shards
If you stacked The Spire 90 times, it still wouldn’t be as tall as all of the 55”+ TVs ordered lined up.
kettle 25,000 cups tea
Enough kettles sold to make over 48,000 cups of tea simultaneously.

Currys Black Friday Sales and Discounts on Mobile & Homeware

Listening to music on mobile phone through headphones

When is Black Friday and how long does it last?

In 2019, Black Friday will be on 29th November.

Black Friday traditionally follows the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. It’s an excuse to flock to the shops and get Christmas shopping started – a tradition that has since swept across the pond to become a stable shopping day in Ireland!

Black Friday typically kicks off at midnight and lasts for 24 hours, with Black Friday deals running throughout the day. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might even spot a few deals in advance of this window! The good news is, once the Black Friday sales are over you have a second chance to make a saving with Cyber Monday deals running on the following Monday.

Get the best Black Friday deals online or in store

Heading out to the shops or braving the traffic online this Black Friday? Preparation is key! Create your wish list ahead of the day using the tool above, so you know exactly what you’re hoping to find the best Black Friday deals on.

If you're heading into the fray and visiting a physical store, try to go as early (or as late) as possible to avoid crowds. If you're shopping online, bookmark your favourite pages and pick a window of time to do your browsing. Alternatively, keep the Currys PC World site open throughout the day so that you’re on call for spur of the moment Black Friday bargains.

Once again, if you somehow miss out on the best Black Friday bargains, check back on Cyber Monday (2nd December) for more big savings in the Currys sale.

Smartphone deals on Black Friday

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a shiny new smartphone this Black Friday, be sure to take a peak at our Black Friday phone deals. Whether you’re after a model with excellent camera quality, the sleekest aesthetic, the largest screen or exceptional battery life, there’s sure to be something for you among our Black Friday Samsung, Apple, Google and other top branded mobile bargains. There are iPhone Black Friday deals 2019 waiting for you just around the corner! Visit the full Smartphone Range here.

Your favourite Home appliances discounts on Black Friday

Or maybe something for the home is on the wish list this Black Friday? Coffee machine, perhaps? Or are you looking for a Black Friday microwave bargain? If you check out our collection of household appliances this Black Friday, washing machines, ovens, fridges and more will be up for grabs at a fraction of the price. Or browse our small kitchen gadgets and get a great deal on a juicer – black Friday just gets better and better!

Black Friday TV, Console Gaming and Computing Exclusive Offers

With the help of our handy tool at the top of the page, it’s easier than ever to get in the Black Friday spirit and plan what you’re going to buy – or request – come the big day.

Why not start with TVs?

Not only can you expect to find tonnes of awesome TV deals in the Black Friday Currys TV sale, but we’ll have Black Tag deals running in the lead up to the big day, which will see prices reduced across many major television brands.

If you've been delaying getting yourself a new TV, the Black Tag period is the perfect time to snap up a bargain. Browse our QLED and OLED deals for great prices on top-end technology that takes your viewing experience to the next level with picture quality that exhibits realistic detail and vibrant, contrasting colour. Or opt for a smart TV to connect Google Home to TV, set up Bixby or control TV with Alexa. Experience the future of television with the capability to connect to online content and even use voice command to control your TV.

"4K" denotes the nearly 4,000 pixels – or dots – that make up the horizontal plane on the TV display, an innovation that leads to a clearer, crisper image. With the biggest names in film and video games releasing new and exciting 4k-ready content, there's no reason to wait until 2019.

The PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X are specifically designed with 4K viewing in mind while the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime are bumping their shows from HD (1080p) to Ultra-HD (4K). Classic films are being remastered and shipped on UHD Blu-Ray discs and new movies are now being displayed at the sort of resolution once reserved only for the cinema.

In short, there's more than enough 4K goodness to make your new 4k TV your viewing mode of choice for the next few years.

Black Friday Console Deals

Historically, Black Friday has been a great time to pick up a console, and with so many great games coming out in this latter half of the year, you'll have no shortage of titles to choose from.

Whether you want the grunt of the Xbox One X – the world's most powerful games console – or fancy taking advantage of Sony's excellent first-party games on the PS4 Pro, you can't go wrong with either. For gamers looking to brighten their morning commute, the jack-of-all trades Switch works on-the-move or plugged in to the living room TV. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Currys sale and a PS4 or Xbox One Black Friday bargain could be on the cards!

Black Friday Laptops & Computing Exclusives

In need of an entry-level machine, or looking for something with a bit more horsepower? Shop the PC or laptop of your dreams from the world's premier brands including Alienware, Apple, Asus, Dell, LG, Lenovo and Samsung. Whatever your model, gear up for 2020 with an unbeatable Black Friday laptop deals.

If you're worried you're going to miss out, check back on Cyber Monday (2nd December) when prices will once again go under the knife. Also, with Christmas on the horizon, our gift guide can hopefully give you some inspiration ahead of the biggest shopping days of the season!