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Our range of headphones suit all kinds of listener. From our kids headphones with a volume limiter that helps protect young ears, to our True Wireless earphones that offer portability without the need for a cable.

You’ll find a broad selection of headphones that support Hi-Res Audio, for detailed listening on-the-go. Our wireless and Bluetooth headphones combine sound quality with seamless connectivity and extended battery life, making them great for the commute. And for those that want to plug into their Hi-Fi, TV, or any other non-Bluetooth or wireless device, our collection of in-ear, on-ear and over-ear wired headphones provide comfort and clarity.

For quiet concentration in loud places, consider noise-cancelling headphones. They use a microphone and clever AI technology to monitor external sounds and create a sound wave that drowns out noise, so you can focus on what you want to hear. Our sports headphones are perfect for keeping the pace up when exercising, thanks to sweatproof materials and ergonomic designs including neckbands and ear-tip wings. These keep your headphones comfy in your ears, even when you’re going for that personal best.