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Headphones aren’t just for music – they’re part of your lifestyle. Stay comfy and stylish with on-ear and over-ear models – foldable designs make travel simple. In-ear headphones are great if you want to listen discreetly.

Music streaming is easy with Bluetooth headphones – and if you’re into fitness, sweat-resistant sports models can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Enjoy stunning quality with premium features like High-Resolution Audio. Noise-cancelling headphones keep distractions out - turn up the quiet and focus on your music. Stay alert in busy surroundings with Quick Attention mode.

If you need to get going sooner, choose headphones that charge quickly, and enhance your personal style with elegant leather designs, stitching and eye-catching colours.

Premium headphone technology

Premium headphones features can enhance the way you listen and use your devices.

Hear music in CD quality or better with High-Resolution Audio-certified headphones that support lossless audio formats for sound as the artist intended.

Noise-cancelling headphones eliminate outside sounds for pure music enjoyment – they’re great for commuting or concentrating on work. Some work with apps so you can control the level of noise-cancelling.

Sony MDR-XB650

Listen for longer: with 30 hours of wireless listening time

Enjoy Bass Boost: for better sound isolation and tighter bass

Stay Connected: Built-in omnidirectional microphone & remote control

Bose QC35 II

Built-in Google Assistant: Control your headphones with your voice

Active noise-cancelling: Blocks outside sounds for pure music enjoyment

Battery life: 20 hour extended battery life

B&O Beoplay H5

Bang Olufsen sound engineering: Full-spectrum sound

Magnetic charging: Two magnets hold the headphones while charging

Battery life: 5 hour extended battery life

Sennheiser Momentum
2.0 A/E

Active noise-cancelling: Blocks outside sounds for pure music enjoyment

Bluetooth: Stream music and move freely without wires

High-Resolution Audio: Hear full-spectrum sound from Hi-Res formats